AFTA Insights – Annual release of industry factsheets

Natalie Calder joins AFTA as member Engagement Executive

AFTA Insights – Annual release of industry factsheets

AFTA Insights – Annual release of industry factsheets

Today AFTA releases the annual AFTA insight factsheets providing important information about AFTA, ATAS members and the industry at large. First launched in 2017, the 2018 editions of the factsheets have been expanded to provide insights on the ATAS assessment process and industry compliance with the ATAS Charter and Code.

In addition to the previously released insights, AFTA has added two new factsheets to summarise AFTA’s governance of ATAS and its members, providing insights on total number of accredited agencies, approval rate of new applications and the number of complaints received and resolved. This is the first time this information has been released by AFTA and demonstrates the important role AFTA and ATAS has in elevating the standards of travel agents and representing to consumers the value of booking with an ATAS accredited member.

AFTA has also updated information on the profile of the Australian Travel Market and role Australian travel agencies have in facilitating travel in 2017. In keeping with the value AFTA brings to its members and the broader travel industry, these factsheets provide important insights on a wide range of industry data, not easily accessible elsewhere.

AFTA CEO Jayson Westbury said, “ATAS has the unique position of assisting Australian travel agents and our partners understand the role we have in the Australian economy. Using the operational information gained from AFTA’s oversight of ATAS and drawing on Government data sets we now have a real and measurable data set that we will update each year.”

AFTA members and the wider industry are encouraged to visit, to download the factsheets and the monthly AFTA Travel Trends report.

Source = Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA)
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