Ponant: forthcoming agent information events

Ponant Events

Ponant: forthcoming agent information events

Ponant: forthcoming agent information events

Monique Ponfoort, PONANT Vice President Asia Pacific, has announced dates for the next round of Agent Information Events where the PONANT team will be joined, for the first time, by guest speaker Jorge Villamarin.

Jorge has always been in love with the outdoors, and in particular the Polar Regions, following his first Antarctic experience back in 2013. With post-graduate studies in Japan and a teaching/research background, he became a naturalist for PONANT in 2013. Since then he has been sharing his knowledge on geology and geomorphology of the many destinations he has visited; from the Polar Regions to the Kimberley or anywhere the tides take him.”

He especially enjoys sharing his passion for these destinations and as guest speaker will add his in-depth knowledge and experience to discuss aspects of PONANT’s forthcoming luxury expedition voyages to the Arctic and Antarctic in particular.

A broad overview of PONANT’s remaining 2018 and 2019/2020 global voyages – both luxury cruising and expeditions – will be included in the presentations.

Agents are invited to come to these events and to bring any clients interested in small ship luxury and expedition voyages with them.

Refreshments are supplied.

Ponant events details

Reservations are required – call 1300 737 178 or register online CLICK HERE

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