get lost, turns up the heat

get lost, turns up the heatget lost, turns up the heat

get lost magazine‘s newest issue features 37 of the coolest things to do, see and experience in Africa. As Australians bunker down for the last few months of winter, we’re setting our sights to warmer lands and discovering Africa’s wild, dazzling and unknown treasures.

The vast continent of Africa is packed full of cool places and experiences; there’s Tanzania’s great migration, Table Mountain in South Africa, the souks of Morocco, Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and more safaris through Botswana than teeth in a crocodile. But what about all the epic experiences that aren’t flooding Instagram feeds like a helicopter ride over Botswana or a beach jam-packed full of penguins? Then there’s the coolest restaurant to eat at, a diving spot with a fascinating history, mouth-watering night markets, animal encounters of the gorilla kind, and a star-bed on a beach.

“When travelling to destinations like Africa, most people have built their bucket list based on the places that have flooded the web. But we wanted to dig a little deeper and create a list that highlighted the coolest of the cool. It’s these kind of experiences that leave people with memories and a euphoria that long outdate their trip,” says get lost editor, Anna Kantilaftas.

“The beauty of these particular experiences is they’re all very achievable. We’re not sending people to the depths of a volcano, although the Danakil salt pools is one of the lowest points on earth, and one of the hottest.”

There is also plenty on offer for travellers outside of Africa. Closer to home, Samantha Kodila dives into the depths of Lord Howe Island off the coast of New South Wales, Roberto Serrini fills his belly with the delicacies of Manila and learns the art of mind over matter, and Jocelyn Pride paddles her way through Alaska’s inner passage and narrowly avoiding any hungry bear encounters. In Malaysia, Nikola Sarbinowski explores the rainforests of Langkawi and Steve Davey uncovers a more colourful part of North-West Pakistan as he joins the festival of the Kalash people.

We also take a seven-day journey through Spain’s Catalonia province, unearth Manhattan’s lower east side at after dark and explore the hidden treasures of Downtown Las Vegas.

Issue 57 of get lost is on sale from this week at newsagents and online from Apple Newsstand and Amazon.

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