Manila revealed as the cheapest flight route from Melbourne

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Manila revealed as the cheapest flight route from Melbourne

Manila revealed as the cheapest flight route from Melbourne analysed flights from Sydney and Melbourne to the rest of the world to reveal the best and worst value flights, based on the cost per kilometre

  • Manila tops list for the most cost effective flight route from Melbourne
  • Bangkok revealed as the most cost effective flight route from Sydney
  • Queenstown shown to be the least cost effective flight route from both Sydney and Melbourne

Looking for a flight destination that delivers the best bang for your buck? Global travel search engine has revealed the cheapest and most expensive flight destinations for travellers in Sydney and Melbourne, based on the cost per kilometre. Manila tops the list for money conscious Melbourne travellers (3.13¢ per kilometre), whilst Bangkok is the most cost effective escape for savvy Sydneysiders (3.85¢ per kilometre). has also revealed that shorter flights aren’t necessarily the most cost-effective, with Sydney flyers likely to pay a whopping +339 percent more per kilometre when travelling to Queenstown versus flying to Bangkok. Interestingly, Sydney travellers pay significantly more per kilometre to fly to Auckland and Christchurch than those from Melbourne, seeing a difference of +44 percent and +23 percent respectively. Furthermore, Bali, as an Aussie holiday hotspot, appears in the least cost-effective flight route lists for both Sydney and Melbourne. Much to the delight of Melbourne travellers that are partial to a Euro-trip or two, Athens, Rome, Amsterdam and Berlin all appear on their most cost-effective flight route list.

Robin Chiang, Country Head of Australia and New Zealand, KAYAK says, “We’ve crunched the numbers to find the most cost effective flight routes for Aussie travellers, so you can spend your hard earned money on fun and food! There have been some surprising results – who would have thought that Manila would be the best value destination to fly to from Melbourne, despite Sydney being just one hour away? If you’re looking to snag that dream holiday for the cheapest price,’s Price Forecast tool, tells you whether to book now or wait for a better price, based on exclusive data from our two billion flight searches each year. Another great tool is KAYAK’s Price Alert, which notifies you as soon as the fare drops for your desired location.”

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