Livn launches Content Manager


Livn launches Content Manager

Livn launches Content Manager

– New Supplier Self-Service Tool –

Livn – Asia-Pacific’s super-aggregator of instantly bookable tours, activities and attractions – has launched Content Manager, giving its suppliers the ability to control the presentation of their products on the global distribution platform.
All Livn tours and activities products are now also airport and geo-coded so they’re easy for agents to find and sell, while notifications about new products and pricing can be done by literally ticking a box.
Business Solutions GM at Livn, Gary Gelenter, explains that once the products have been loaded onto the platform by the Livn product team, suppliers are able to log on and view how their products are presented to travel agents with the ability to also edit and enhance.
“The Content Manager is a significant step forward in terms of quality control and we worked closely with our clients to develop this market-leading solution,” says Gelenter.
“Now suppliers can edit and verify their products 24/7 without having to waste precious time sending emails back and forth with the Livn content team. Importantly from our supplier partner perspective, this improves the time to market from sign up to sale by almost half.”
The Content Manager is now available to Livn’s contracted wholesale clients.
Over the past five years, Livn has quietly become the world’s largest aggregator of tours and activities, operating a business model similar to airline Global Distribution Systems.
The Sydney-based company aggregates the inventory of more than 15,000 tour operators, sourcing more than 700,000 products, all of them bookable live, via a unified API which can be quickly integrated into any sales platform.
“There’s no need for agents to waste time on the phone or email when they can easily make tours and activities bookings in seconds with Livn.” says Livn CEO Mark Rizzuto.
Livn has agency distribution agreements with key retailers such as Flight Centre, while its inventory has also been integrated into the Amadeus GDS, allowing agents to seamlessly book tours and activities product with instant confirmations and ticketing.
About Livn
Livn is a super-aggregator instantly bookable tours, activities, and attractions. Through a single integration with Livn API, partners can automatically connect to 15,000 tour operators with over 700,000 day and multi-day tours & activities from all over the globe. The Livn API platform provides a vehicle for sellers in the global travel ecosystem to complete transactions directly without requiring custom connections to suppliers.

Source = Livn
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