Australia’s most delayed airports revealed

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Australia’s most delayed airports revealed

Australia’s most delayed airports revealed

News highlights:

  • Sunshine Coast tops list of Australia’s most delayed airports (31 percent of flights delayed)
  • Hobart Airport is the worst of the capital cities
  • Consumers are encouraged to take out domestic travel insurance

Sunshine Coast Airport has topped the list of Australia’s worst airports, according to a new analysis from

The findings, which came from a analysis of BITRE departures data, revealed which of Australia’s most major airports saw the highest rates of departure delay in 2017.

Sunshine Coast, which saw 7,684 departing flights last year, had the highest delay rate of over 31 percent – almost one in three.

In second place, and the worst of the capital cities, was Hobart, with a delay rate of 27 percent. That equates to over 4,800 delayed flights – nearly one every two hours.

Australian flights saw over 21,600 cancellations last year, with one quarter of these (25 percent) being in Sydney alone.

Sydney was also the fifth-most delayed airport in 2017, with 20 percent of its 214,000 flights behind schedule.

Bessie Hassan, Travel Insurance Expert at, says smaller airports are more likely to experience a knock-on effect from other flights.

“Many routes send a single aircraft between two ports multiple times a day. If an inbound flight runs late, this affects passengers waiting to depart on that plane,” she says.

“It’s also important to note that an airport’s delay rate is rarely due to a lack of airport infrastructure, but instead more likely to be the result of poor weather or congestion elsewhere.”

Port Lincoln Airport was the least delayed airport with only 8 percent of flights departing behind schedule in 2017.

Of Australia’s capital cities, Perth performed best with only 13 percent of domestic flights delayed in 2017.

Ms Hassan reminds travellers to prepare in the case of a flight delay.

“If you do experience a delay or cancellation that is out of your control, you should be able to claim compensation through your travel insurance.

“However, insurance providers usually only accept a claim if your flight is delayed more than six hours,” she says. tips for avoiding a flight delay:
– Aim to arrive to the airport at least three hours before an international flight and two hours before a domestic flight. This leaves room to unexpected issues that may arise on the way to the airport.
– Book your flight for a weekday. Usually less people fly on weekdays than weekends, so this helps avoid crowds.
– Avoid peak periods, such as the days leading up to major holidays, or peak travel times such as early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

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