WRD creative agency pioneering sustainability


WRD creative agency pioneering sustainability

WRD creative agency pioneering sustainability

Gold Coast-based Resort Creative Agency, World Resorts of Distinction (WRD), is using World Environment Day
– the UN’s most important day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for environmental protection – to champion sustainable, socially-responsible travel.

With a portfolio of luxury, eco-conscious resorts in some of the most world’s most beautiful and desirable locations, the environmentally-savvy team is challenging the tourism industry – which is renowned for its negative impact on the planet – and globetrotters alike, to make more sustainable decisions when it comes to travel.

WRD Executive Director, Tess Willcox, said this year’s World Environment Day theme is plastic pollution, a concept that a handful of the company’s resorts have been emblazoning for many years.

“All of our resorts share a common passion for reducing their impact on the environment, however, some of them have a particularly strong focus on eliminating plastic – one of the biggest and most destructive pollutants on our natural habitats, wildlife and our own health,” she said.

“The most recent addition to our carefully-curated collection of sustainable resorts, Bawah Reserve bans singleuse plastic on the island, including straws, and offers guests handmade bamboo straws instead,” she said.

“Their dedicated eco-committee has also implemented a comprehensive waste management program that includes making bamboo bins for the resort grounds; recycling, filtering and bottling all water onsite in reusable glass bottles; and running a beach clean-up once a week.”

Tess noted that in recent years, travellers have undergone a shift in consciousness and are today actively seeking travel experiences that are not only luxurious but also responsible.

“Many of us think about the environmental impact of travelling and the places we stay, and WRD’s vision is to make it easy for guests to enjoy the luxury trips they obviously crave, in sustainable and responsible locations,” she said.

“Our Soneva properties – two resorts and one luxury yacht in the Maldives, plus one luxury Resort in Thailand – are absolute visionaries when it comes to plastic awareness. They haven’t been using plastic straws for more than 20 years and in 2008, they banned imported water, saving approximately 1.5 million plastic bottles since then.”

Soneva has a target of zero waste and already recycles 90 percent of its solid waste, with glass, food waste, jungle trimmings and polystyrene all processed onsite. Now the focus is on tackling the last 10 percent, which includes small amounts of plastic, paper, cloth and Tetra Pak packaging.

“As part of their ‘Soneva Maker Programme’ and in partnership with global grass-roots initiative, ‘Precious Plastic’, Soneva recycles plastic that washes onto the resorts’ pristine shores, making a range of useful products like flower pots,” Tess said.

“Guests and resort hosts are invited to get creative with plastic waste and some of the innovative creations we’ve seen include surfboards and building blocks made from recycled polystyrene and Easter eggs for children made from plastic bottle caps.”

Today is World Environment Day and the team at WRD encourage people to show their support online by using this year’s hashtag, #BeatPlasticPollution

To find out more about WRD and its collection of sustainable, luxury resorts, visit worldresortsofdistinction.com

About World Resorts of Distinction
World Resorts of Distinction (WRD) is a boutique Gold Coast-based Resort Creative Agency. Our vision is to create an unrivalled global community of socially responsible, sustainable and distinctive travel experiences for today’s conscious globetrotters. Authenticity meets luxury in our carefully-curated collection of unique and innovative resorts

Source = World Resorts of Distinction (WRD)
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