Teds Travels – The strangest places to sleep in South America

Costa Verde Accomodations

Costa Verde Accommodations

Teds Travels – The strangest places to sleep in South America

Holidays can be however you want them to be. Once you know your client’s time, budget and wish list, we can recommend and book hotels from 3 to 5 stars, amazing small boutique hotels, lodges in fantastic mountain locations. We can also book some weird and very unusual places to stay overnight if your clients are looking for something out of the ordinary, something unique, something that challenges them and puts them straight into adventure mood.

For example, if you have a “Tarzan and Jane” type of clients, we can set them up in an Amazon tree house! About 35feet above ground. I warn you, be ready for a cold-water shower. Great for bird watchers in the canopy.

If you have an “Edmund Hillary” type of clients who do not suffer from vertigo, they can sleep in a “pod” high about the Sacred Valley. They will be nestled 400 meters up the cliff, just like a giant Condor watching out for their eggs. The inside has a retractable table, four solar-powered lights and plush beds, a canvas loo with a 300-degree view. Though, you need to be ready to climb up from the valley floor for this one- it can take about 2-3 hours – but they make it easier for you by strapping you into a harness.

If you have a client that is looking for something more relaxing, casual and with plenty of time to spare, they can cruise on in a “slow banana boat” along the Amazon river in a hammock. Don’t forget to carry your own loo paper. Or if they are looking for a more cultural accommodation, you can now set a tent and camp within the Tikal ruins in Guatemala – I wonder how many stories you will hear at night? There is also the opportunity to arrange for a homestay on Taquile Island on the Lake Titicaca. For those travelling as a family and they still would like to enjoy pure nature in the Galapagos you can find glamping, a more luxury type of camping with private facilities covered.

What about staying in a hotel built entirely out of salt?!? In Bolivia, there is a hotel that fits those characteristics. Can you imagine? Another option is the “Airstream Deluxe Camper” which we can arrange for you to sleep on the Uyuni Salt flats looking at a perfect night sky and the water mirror surface between February and March. Completely worth the effort of putting up with the altitude of 3600+ mts… where else on earth will your clients experience something like this!

Oh wait, I almost forgot. How does it sound to sleep in an old aeroplane fuselage in Costa Rica? Would you believe me? They have refurbished a vintage 1965 Boeing 727 airframe, which, in its prior life, shuttled globetrotters on South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines (Colombia). Now this plane has become a two-bedroom apartment coming out of the trees. It will make your clients feel they are flying in their sleep.

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Ted Dziadkiewicz is Director and Founder of Contours Travel, Australia’s longest running tour operator to Latin America. He has been more than 100 times to Latin America over the past 40 years and visited over 20 countries. If you want to know more visit www.contourstravel.com.au

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