‘The ASA Group’ and ‘L’Voyage’ Merger

'The ASA Group' and 'L'Voyage' Merger

‘The ASA Group’ and ‘L’Voyage’ Merger

‘The ASA Group’ and ‘L’Voyage’ Merger

We are pleased to announce, combined under a new brand – ALLAVITA – meaning ‘towards a good life’, Asia’s leading business aviation specialists, The ASA Group and L’VOYAGE,  are merging their operations, capitalizing on the region’s double-digit growth for private jet charter and on-the-ground services.

ALLAVITA Holdings Ltd will hold interests in ASA’s ground handling supervision, security, protection and luxury concierge services, plus L’VOYAGE’s expertise in travel curation and private jet charter activity.  L’VOYAGE will take over all charter and luxury services activity, with ASA focusing on handling, permits and security.

Simon Wagstaff, Founder & Chairman of The ASA Group, will oversee all operational expertise as chairman of ALLAVITA, ASA Group and L’VOYAGE, supported by his long serving senior management colleague Julie Ambrose, who becomes Chief Operating Officer.  L’VOYAGE founder, Diana Chou, will continue to be chairman of her DGA Group, overseeing the business’ unique bespoke customer relationships and data technology of her aviation portfolio. The combined business will merge staff from both companies and continue to have its HQ in Hong Kong, plus offices in China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and The Philippines.

The merger will begin on 01 July, 2018 and we look forward to consolidating our sales and on-the-ground operations to offer our clients a wider range of services in Greater China and South East Asia. Our main focus is to expand our services, while we remain operating under normal conditions.

We are open to futher discuss any questions you may have and we thank you in advance for the opportunity to continue to serve you.

All the best,

Diana Chou & Simon Wagstaff

Source = The ASA Group
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