Medjet announces new CEO Mike Hallman

MedjetMedjet announces new CEO Mike Hallman

Medjet, the industry leader in air medical transport and crisis response memberships for travelers, released the news today that President and Chief Executive Officer Roy Berger is retiring after 20 years, handing over his role to long-time friend and colleague, Mike Hallman, who will start in his new position on July 1. Berger will maintain a seat on the Board of Directors and continue to advise Medjet, a Lloyd’s of London-backed provider that has risen to the top of its field over his tenure.

Under Berger, Medjet’s membership base has grown twenty-fold, and now includes an impressive roster of savvy travelers, celebrities, Fortune 500 executives and even the NFL, whose staff and athletes use Medjet when playing overseas. “I am very proud of the product that Medjet offers and the reception it’s received from the traveling public for the past 20 years,” said Berger. “As an organization, I am delighted with the growth of the company and the outstanding caliber and caring attitude of our great staff.”

Berger has led Medjet to the forefront of the travel protection sector, evolving the company from a medical transport provider with the traditional MedjetAssist membership option, into a comprehensive travel security and crisis response service with the introduction of MedjetHorizon in 2015. His management style and business success has been the subject of many editorial pieces and speaking engagements, including a Sunday New York Times feature. An avid baseball fan, he has published two highly acclaimed books on the topic, The Most Wonderful Week of the Year and Big League Dream. He proudly serves as a director of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. Following his successful 45-year business career, Berger looks forward to relocating out west with his wife Andi to be closer to their two sons, who both live and work in Los Angeles.

Mike Hallman brings more than 42 years of business and finance experience to his new role as President and CEO of Medjet. “After working with Roy for over 28 years, I know first-hand how strong of a leader he is. Roy has successfully built a first-class organization,” explained Hallman. “I can’t replace a legend, but I’m looking forward to continuing on the path that Roy has forged.”

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame’s school of business, Mike began his career as a CPA with a public accounting firm in Birmingham, AL. In 1990, both he and Roy joined Rime Management Group – the company that assumed oversight of Medjet in 1998. Mike transitions to the position of President and CEO of Medjet from his role with Rime Management where he has held the position of President for 25 years.

“It’s an exciting time for Mike to take over,” concluded Berger. “Medjet has experienced tremendous growth, and he will step in as we continue to announce new products and new ways to meet the needs of our members.”

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Medjet is the industry leader in travel protection and medical transport, forging a global network of air medical transport affiliates and security providers over the past 26 years. At any given time, Medjet has access to more than 250 private air ambulances and commercial medical escorts, as well as specially trained emergency medical and security personnel, ready to launch from both domestic and international locations 24/7. The company most notably differentiates from other players in the market through its commitment to arrange air medical transfer to the member’s home country hospital of choice (not just “nearest acceptable”), regardless of medical necessity. Similarly, unlike other travel security and response membership programs, the company’s MedjetHorizon option does not rely on hard triggers, such as government-issued evacuation orders, to act on behalf of members.

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