Public-private partnership is key to innovation and sustainable growth

Global Himalayan Expedition wins global sustainable tourism award

Public-private partnership is key to innovation and sustainable growth

Public-private partnership is key to innovation and sustainable growth

Speaking at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Executive Council in San Sebastian, Spain, today, WTTC President & CEO Gloria Guevara indicated her support for new UNWTO Secretary General, Zurab Pololikashvili and highlighted the importance of public private partnership in the Travel & Tourism sector.

Travel & Tourism, which already accounts for 10.4 percent of GDP and 313 million jobs around the world, is set to grow significantly over the coming years. International arrivals will reach 1.8 billion by 2030 according to UNWTO forecasts and IATA estimates a near doubling of air passengers from 4 billion to 7.8 billion a year over a similar timeframe.

Ms Guevara said, “Travel & Tourism is set to grow by 4 percent a year over the next ten years. It is in all our interests to maximise the opportunities of this growth. WTTC Members are clear that we should focus on three priority areas in order to achieve this. First, security and travel facilitation is fundamental – without people travelling safely and securely there is no tourism. Second, crisis preparedness and management – ensuring our destinations, companies and communities are resilient. Third, sustainable growth – planning for growth to ensure tourism benefits all, taking action on climate change, providing inclusive and sustainable jobs, and making sure we are socially responsible.  Technological innovation and the digital agenda will be critical delivering a sustainable future for our sector.

I am delighted that these priorities as identified by the CEOs who make up WTTC’s membership are in alignment with those announced today by the new Secretary General of UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashvili.  I am looking forward to working closely with the new Secretary General and his team over the coming years. The spirit of public, private partnership is alive and well between our two organisations and together we will make sure that our sector continues to thrive, and create jobs across every country in the world.”

About WTTC: The World Travel & Tourism Council is a global Membership organisation with over 170 of the world’s leading CEOs, Presidents and Chairs from all geographies across the entire Travel & Tourism (T&T) sector as its Member. 

For 25 years it has produced research across 185 countries which quantifies the socioeconomic benefits that Travel & Tourism brings to the world economy on a global, regional and country level.

Travel & Tourism is a key driver for investment and economic growth globally. The sector contributes US$8.3 trillion or 10.4 percent of total global GDP.  It accounts for 313 million jobs or one in ten of all jobs on the planet.

The role of WTTC is to inform governments around the world about the enormous contribution that T&T delivers to the world economy.   The Members set the agenda for the work of WTTC, which in turn guides government policy and decision-making in order to ensure the sustainable growth of the sector.

WTTC’s annual Global Summit brings together over 1000 ‘c’s suite delegates to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and issues facing the industry, while its global ‘Tourism for Tomorrow Awards’ recognise the industry’s power to be a positive force in sustainability. This year, the Summit took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 18-19 April.

If you have a few moments in front of the screen, have a look at this video as it is a summary from the Summit earlier this year:

WTTC Global Summit 2018, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Source = World Travel & Tourism Council
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