Redesigns planned for Scenic Space-Ships for 2019 season

Scenic Salt Therapy lounge

Scenic: Salt Therapy lounge

Redesigns planned for Scenic Space-Ships for 2019 season

In 2017, Scenic introduced a new design for two of its Scenic Space-Ships cruising France –  Scenic Sapphire and Scenic Diamond. In keeping with its focus on providing the highest quality guest experience, Scenic will be remodelling a further eight Scenic Space-Ships in its European fleet this winter, ready for the 2019 river cruising season.

Ships to be remodelled will include Scenic Ruby, Scenic Pearl, Scenic Jasper, Scenic Opal, Scenic Amber, Scenic Crystal, Scenic Jade and Scenic Jewel – all operating on Europe’s Rhine, Main and Danube rivers.

Highlights of the remodelling will include:

–        Reducing the number of suites and the addition of new 48m2 Royal Owners Suites

–        Wellness centres across all ships including the unique Salt Therapy lounge

As the leading river cruise operator and building on its history of innovation, Scenic is the first and only river cruise line to offer a therapeutic Salt Therapy lounge. The health benefits of salt therapy are well-known and wide-ranging, and the three-station salt lounge will offers guests a non-invasive way to feel energised and healthier while relaxing. The humidity and temperature-controlled room is handcrafted from salt bricks and creates a micro-climate of a natural salt mine. Its three inclined lounging chairs are separated by light curtains for privacy, and low-level lighting and calming music promotes the natural relaxing effects of the salt.

Guests on board the two ships are free to use the rooms as they wish, spending up to a recommended 45 minutes in the tranquil and relaxing environment. The negatively-charged salt ions bear a very high kinetic energy and offer the same refreshing feeling that one might find when standing on a beach. The ions also increase the efficacy of healing, improve respiration and skin conditions and boost the immune system.

The number of suites on these eight Space-Ships will be reduced to allow the addition of a new Royal Owners Suite.  The 48m2 one bedroom suite boasts opulent furnishings and all the extra touches that Scenic is famous for and have set the standard for river cruising throughout Europe.

Remodelling works will commence at the end of the 2018 cruising season in preparation for launch in 2019.

Source = Scenic
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