Macao unveils new tourism mascot

Macao New Mascot Mak Mak

Macao New Mascot Mak Mak

Macao unveils new tourism mascot

Meet Mak Mak . . . the new loveable face of Macao.

A black-faced spoonbill with hues of red, yellow and blue, Mak Mak has been officially crowned mascot of Macao Tourism after winning a contest involving more than 110 entries.

Its main role will be to promote Macao worldwide, and to encourage visitors to explore and experience “a city woven with Chinese and European cultures and traditions”.

Mak Mak, designed by Tou Chon Wai, was selected in an eagerly contested competition organised by the Macao Government Tourism Office in conjunction with the Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Cultural Industry Fund.

The aim was to find a design that was uniquely Macao. The design of the winning entry was inspired by the city’s historic whitewashed Guia Lighthouse, the variety of colours suggestive of a European feel.

The first-prize winning Macao Tourism mascot will be used for destination promotions, its image to be produced on various promotional material. Mak Mak will make special appearances at different tourism-related events and overseas tourism promotions, including events held in both the Australian and New Zealand markets.

MGTO Director Helena Maria de Senna Fernandes said that throughout the contest MGTO had sought to attract outstanding entries highlighting the unique, fascinating dimensions of Macao as a travel destination.

Loveable Mak Mak was able to fit the bill.

Details: Macao Government Tourism Office, phone (02) 9264 1488 or

Source = Macao Government Tourism Office
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