The different Mother’s Day celebrations around the world


The different Mother’s Day celebrations around the world

The different Mother’s Day celebrations around the world

Ahead of Mother’s Day, language learning app Babbel wants to inspire Aussie families with creative ways from all around the world to spoil mums this weekend. They’ve done the research and discovered all the unique ways Mother’s Day is celebrated in six different countries.

From thoughtful homemade gifts to public holidays, Babbel shows us that while mums across the world are all celebrated differently, we all love them just the same!


Check out Babbel’s favourite Mother’s Day celebrations from around the world:

  • Mexico
    Mother’s Day in Mexico is a celebratory day that includes mothers being serenaded with the song “Las Manaitas” to reflect the culture’s love of lively music and dance. Younger kids also traditionally create homemade gifts for their mums while the older children will buy their mothers a gift.
  • Poland
    In Poland, Mother’s Day or Dzien Matki, is celebrated on May 26 and is an official public holiday across the country. Polish children celebrate their mothers will handcrafted cards decorated with flowers that include a personal note inside, known as Laurki.
  • Russia
    In the past, mothers in Russia were celebrated on International Women’s Day on March 8, a day that honours women and highlights the goal for international gender equality. Post-Soviet, Russia introduced Mother’s Day on the last Sunday in November, however most gift giving still occurs in March.
  • Australia
    Australian Mother’s Day traditionally begins with breakfast-in-bed made by children and often the children’s father, followed by flowers, gifts and a day spent doing mum’s choice of activities. Extended families also get together to celebrate generations of mothers in the family.
  • Dominican Republic
    Mother’s Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in May and is cause for a large, festive occasion with entire families being together to honour generations of mothers in their family tree. Celebrations involve lots of eating, drinking and dancing.
  • France
    French mums, or mamans, are treated with an official public holiday in France. Mother’s Day is typically a day of pampering and relaxation for French mothers with their children waiting on them all day long with gifts and meals.

Babbel translations:


When: On the second Sunday of May

Muttertag (Mother’s Day)

Mutter (mother)

Mama (mum)


When: On the second Sunday of May

Mãe (Mother)

Mamãe (Mum)


When: On the last Sunday of May

Mor (mother)

Mamma (Mum)


When: On the second Sunday of February

Morsdag (Mother’s Day)

mor (Mother)

Mamma (Mum)


When: On the second Sunday of May

Madre (Mother)

Mamma (Mum)


When: On the 22nd of December

Ibu (Mother)

Ibu (Mum)


When: On the second Sunday of May

Anne (Mother)

Anne (Mum)


When: On the first Sunday of May

Día de la Madre (Mother’s Day)

Madre (Mother)

Mamma (Mum)


When: On the second Sunday of May

Mor (Mother/Mum)


When: On the second Sunday of May

Moeder (Mother)

Mam (mum)


When: On the last Sunday of November

мать (Mother)

мама (Mum)


When: May 26th

Matka (Mother)

Mama (Mum)


When: the last Sunday in May, but is moved to the first Sunday of June if it falls on the same day as Whit Sunday/Pentecost.

fête des mères (Mother’s Day)

Mère (Mother)

Maman (Mum)

Source = Babbel
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