Hotel Upgrades

Scoring a hotel upgrade can really make a holiday even more special.

While there are no guarantees on how to get these perks for your pax, here are some basic tips to increase their chances

Come here often? – if your client stays at the same hotel frequently, advise the hotel prior to the check-in date, as they will be given priority for upgrades. Keeping regular guests happy encourages repeat business.  In roomsXML, use the help system to let us know.

Manners cost nothing – this tip is one of the easiest, and to be honest should be a standard rule that is followed in life. Whilst your pax may have done the long haul, they could be the 50th grumpy couple that day lining up at the same desk.  Tell your guests to engage with the hotel staff at the front desk, be polite and friendly. Ask how their day has been, be genuine and show some interest.

Who are you? – being a travel agent can be advantageous, especially when dealing with hotels. You’re the ones that are selling and recommending properties to your clients, so hotels will want to ensure you have the best experience possible.  Agai let us know so we can let them know (and give you a  discount!)

Ask and ye shall receive – asking never hurt anyone. The worst case scenario will be that they say no. In my experience, offering to pay in the first sentence allows someone to say “you know what, you can just have that…”

Celebrate good times –Honeymoon? Birthday? Anniversary? Leaving the kids at home with your parents? Whatever it is, you can use the roomsXML online help system located inside the booking to let the hotel know of your special occasion. Also keep in mind roomsXML offers an agent discount on bookings made for yourself.

So give these tips a go – who knows pax might get lucky!



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