AdventureWomen announces 2019 trips to 22 destinations worldwide


A ten-day trek through Patagonia, one of AdventureWomen’s new itineraries for 2019

AdventureWomen announces 2019 trips to 22 destinations worldwide

Women-owned company adds mother-daughter tours, “bucket list” adventures & more physically challenging itineraries

AdventureWomen, the leader in women-only adventure travel tours for more than 35 years, has announced its 2019 travel lineup to 22 exciting destinations, including Everest Base Camp, Vietnam, the Galapagos Islands, and Russia via the Trans-Siberian Railroad, among others.

In March, to celebrate Women’s History Month, AdventureWomen launched new mother-daughter adventures to Iceland and Baja, Mexico, based on company research with women adventure travel enthusiasts. Company co-owners, Judi Wineland and her daughters Erica and Nicole, chose to kick off the new product line with two classic, yet fun, itineraries: glamping and snorkeling in Baja; and exploring on foot, by ATV, and on horseback in Iceland. “We know the power of multi-generational travel based on our own family history and we can’t wait to share these two interesting itineraries with adventurous mother-daughter duos,” explains co-owner Erica Landerson. “And active grandmothers, we always welcome them, of course, too.”

Also included in the 2019 lineup of AdventureWomen’s trips are more challenging tours for more athletically inclined women who like training to reach a milestone such as trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal or biking 30-40 miles a day in Southern Italy. “We listen carefully to what our guests tell us they seek in an adventure experience. These new, more active itineraries are geared toward the increasing number of women who like a challenge and want to push themselves beyond their comfort zones, athletically,” notes co-owner Nicole Wineland-Thomson.

AdventureWomen has also created a line of “bucket list” adventures, “signature” trips which appeal to women who want to travel worldwide to iconic destinations they have always dreamed of including Alaska, Machu Picchu in Peru, Yellowstone National Park, and Morocco.

Cycling through Puglia in Italy - a new itinerary for 2019

Cycling through Puglia in Italy – a new itinerary for 2019

“This year, we’ve put guest feedback at the forefront of our program design, starting with the destinations themselves,” remarked co-owner Judi Wineland, the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Adventure Travel Trade Association. “Through our annual surveys, guest feedback on trips, and continual check-ins with our AdventureWomen Advisory Board, we’re able to quickly spot changes in women’s travel habits and preferences, and finetune our own approach to delivering top quality adventure experiences.”

“Over 50 percent of our clients are repeat guests, and they have an insatiable thirst for adventure. In fact, we’ve already sold out several of our 2019 trips and we’re adding more departures for several destinations due to their popularity,” states Nicole Wineland-Thomson, co-owner and Director of Programming. “In addition to epic adventure travel destinations, we like to include itineraries with unrivaled cultural offerings for an ‘insider’ experience,” explains Nicole. “We believe adventure travel is about breaking boundaries and immersing oneself in new cultures and ways of life. We’ve included a selection of culturally transformational itineraries, whether that be through local cuisine, such as vineyard hopping on the iconic Camino de Santiago trail in Spain, or experiencing a time-honored festival, such as Holi in India.”

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About AdventureWomen 
AdventureWomen® has been a pioneer and a leader in adventure travel for women since 1982, custom-designing and leading some of the most unique adventure travel tours for active women, worldwide. Owners Judi Wineland, President of Wineland-Thomson Adventures Inc., and her daughters Erica Landerson and Nicole Wineland-Thomson, describe AdventureWomen as a “relationship company” where women create connections with other women while exploring new frontiers and active outdoor adventure. Offering women-only adventure tours to over 20 countries each year, AdventureWomen invites women to physically and mentally challenge themselves while exploring the world at their own pace and on their own terms.

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