DriveAway’s 30th Birthday

DriveAway's 30th Birthday

DriveAway’s 30th Birthday

DriveAway’s 30th Birthday

From Britain to Bonaire, 30 years of wheels, deals and a whole lot of “driving forward”.

A self-drive holiday boom of the late nineteen eighties was the catalyst that opened the doors of DriveAway Holidays in 1988.  Back then, Britain was the original focus however the company has grown and driven a long way since as it celebrates a 30th Birthday this month.

Service, quality and choice have been the drivers behind the phenomenal growth of the business as DriveAway has grown from a team of 3-4 to 113 today.

Winning many customer service awards over the years current Managing Director Chris Hamill describes the company’s customer service as its “real differentiator in the market place.”  Hamill says, “A lot of great people have contributed to our great service the success of the business since our inception in 1988. I don’t know how many people have worked for us over the 30 years; however I am grateful for the contribution that each and every team member has made during their time with us. Everyone has played their part in one way or another”.

Hamill went onto point out how important agents are to the business, “We have been the industry leader in self-drive holidays for a number of years and this is something that we do not take for granted.  Every single booking that our travel agent partners share with us is appreciated, whether it is a one day or a one hundred day rental.  Travel agents are the back bone to our success and I cannot thank them enough for their ongoing partnership and support”.

What’s to come in the next 30 years?  As the traditional self-drive destinations such as New Zealand, USA, Britain, Ireland and France continue to grow more recently countries such as Japan, Iceland, Croatia and Norway are becoming increasingly popular.  Technology continues to evolve as DriveAway continues its investment and who can ignore what will be the most exciting change in the business when driverless cars are introduced to rental fleets. Renting one for any overseas holiday with DriveAway Holidays is perhaps not as far away as you think.

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