Etihad EY513 AUH-AMM Business Class

Etihad EY513 AUH-AMM Business Class

Etihad EY513 AUH-AMM Business Class

Etihad EY513 AUH-AMM Business Class

Carrier: Etihad Airways

Flight Number: EY513 dep AUH @ 10:40 Duration: 2h44m

Class: Business Class Aircraft: Boeing 787-9

Check-in experience:

As this was a connecting flight, there was no need to check in since the boarding pass for this leg had been provided on check-in in Sydney. This meant plenty of time to enjoy Etihad’s Premier Business Class Lounge in the new Terminal 3 at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

On-time performance:

The plane pushed back from the gate on time and arrived in Abu Dhabi at 12:45, five minutes behind schedule.

Seat/Cabin conditions:

The Business Class seat on this Boeing 787 was identical to the seat on Etihad’s A380 on the SYD-AUH flight. The window is noticeably larger on the Dreamliner than the A380 (which by necessity has smaller, spaceship-like windows on its upper deck). Once again, the seat is very comfortable, the entertainment more than abundant, and the general cabin environment very agreeable. Sometimes the change from the longhaul experience to shorthaul experience when connecting can reiterate the superiority of the longer flight, so kudos to Etihad for offering the same high standard on this shorter sector.

Food And Beverage:

Etihad is known for the exceptional quality of its inflight cuisine and this time an excellent lunch was the highlight of the flight. Like the seat, the menu was also of the high standard expected on longer flights. Who knew green beans could taste (so) good? An array of liquid refreshment was available throughout the flight.


The comprehensive options for audio and visual entertainment provide ideal ways to pass the time on board. Films, television shows, music albums, and Etihad’s e-library of publications cover practically every aspect of entertainment short of a live band on board.


The flight landed at congestion-free Queen Alia International Airport and entry procedures were easy, friendly, and fast. Most visitors require a visa on arrival unless holding a pre-purchased Jordan Pass or participating in a tour with a Jordanian operator. Baggage was delivered without delay. Transport to the stunning Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea was provided by local tour operator Petra Moon Tourism Services, a highly reliable and professional enterprise that takes great pride in showing Jordan it the country’s visitors.


The kind of experience every flight should be―comfortable, pleasant, efficient, hassle-free.

Etihad Airways

Petra Moon Tourism Services

Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea

Source = Mr eTraveller - Robert La Bua

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