Fiji the new Gold Coast for Schoolies

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Fiji the new Gold Coast for Schoolies

Fiji the new Gold Coast for Schoolies

Unleashed Travel’s packages skyrocketing at start of Schoolies booking season – with Fiji topping the list of destinations

This month is Schoolies season – when Year 11s book their travel for next December’s end-of-school trips. Each year, sales boom for Unleashed Travel – Australia’s leading provider of overseas travel packages for school leavers – and this year is no different, with Unleashed selling more than 2000 of its packages in the first 15 minutes of their release to the public.

Unleashed Grad Trip’s booking figures for its packages already reveal growth in Fiji, Vanuatu and Europe. Bookings for Fiji are already up 45 per cent compared with 2018 and Unleashed has had to add additional capacity for 150 school-leavers for its Europe trip. Not only has Grad Trip Fiji seen exponential growth, but Unleashed’s Grad Trip to Europe more than doubled in capacity last year and Vanuatu Grad Trip sold out.

This has led Unleashed Grad Trip to increase its volunteer projects abroad. Since establishing their Cambodia Volunteer package in 2011, Unleashed’s figures have revealed an increased interest in cultural exchange programs, stemming from the desire of school-leavers wanting to give back to the community. The need for more variety in travel destinations, coupled with a more adventurous shift in young people’s priorities, saw Unleashed Grad Trip add Japan Ski Trip last year to their array of exclusive packages.

Jot Lynas, Unleashed Travel CEO, says, “We pride ourselves on offering school-leavers a variety of graduation trips that tick all the boxes. And, our results are shining through. This year, we had a waiting list of students build up in the two-to-three weeks pre-launch for our 2019 trips. It is encouraging to see that so many teens, having heard so much negativity about Schoolies adventures to the Gold Coast and Bali, have chosen to experience new cultures and more rewarding destinations. The strong bookings for our 2019 packages are proof of that.”

With bookings for 2018 packages almost sold out, Jot is already forecasting stronger trends for schoolies next year.

“Bookings for 2019 Fiji packages are already up by 45 per cent compared to last year,” says Jot.

“It is no surprise that our island destinations are continuing to grow from strength to strength. By providing our school-leavers with all-inclusive packages, it makes for memorable experiences without ever compromising on safety. Clearly, Grad Trip Fiji is creating happy travellers!”

Having organised holidays for more than 25,000 school-leavers, Unleashed Travel has compiled its data to reveal the top three school-leaver travel trends for 2019:

Island Hopping with Grad Trip Fiji: This destination has become a favourite with school leavers due to it’s close proximity to Australia. Fiji has everything a school leaver could ever want; being surrounded by mates experiencing epic parties with international DJ’s, pool parties and daily fun activities such as parasailing, scuba diving, jet skiing and more. Unleashed takes the hassle out of planning with their chartered resorts creating a seamless experience.

Europe tour: The Europe tour has begun to show enormous interest among Year 11 students who are already booking their trips for 2019. This has prompted Unleashed Travel to increase its capacity for the Europe Tour package by 150 per cent, and it is looking to increase this even further in 2019. School leavers will be able to immerse themselves in culture with some of the most iconic monuments in the world on offer. Making memories that will last a lifetime in this incredible winter wonderland. Europe is becoming a real option for school-leavers, according to Jot, who says 2019 bookings are already flowing.

Vanuatu Hideaway Island: For those school leavers wanting a more adventurous trip, Vanuatu presents the perfect opportunity. It offers a coral paradise with daily snorkel tours, expeditions to the beauty of Cascade Falls as well as parties with international DJ’s. School leavers will experience the wonder of Hideaway with this once in a lifetime opportunity that combines adventure with a unique cultural exchange experience. “There’s a memorable experience to satisfy the most adventurous school-leaver,” says Jot.

Japan Ski Trip: This is Unleashed Grad Trips newest package, launching in 2017. The Japan Ski trip offers the perfect balance of culture and activity. It’s time to shred! Hit the slopes by day and and experience Japanese culture and food once night settles in. Visit snow monkeys in the steaming hot traditional onsens or take a dip after a hard day of tearing up the powder and seeing the unique sights of Japan. This is a truly unique grad experience where a new adventure awaits everyday.

Cambodia Volunteer Trip:  This destination is a favourite for the school leavers that want to give back to the community. As an Unleashed Grad, they’ll have the opportunity to be working hand-in-hand with local villagers to build a new house for a local family. But it’s not all work and no play. There will be the opportunity to go temple hopping, market shopping, waterfall exploring, food tasting, ziplining, day-tripping and tuk-tuk cruising your way to the Grad Trip of your life!

Unleashed Travel is currently inviting Year 11 students to purchase its travel packages for 2019 before they sell out. For more information on Unleashed Travel packages, visit

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