Toast National Tartan Day with a trip to Scotland

Cawdor CastleToast National Tartan Day with a trip to Scotland

National Tartan Day (April 6) is an opportunity to celebrate Scottish tradition and pride for over 11 million Americans who claim Scottish roots. Heritage seekers inspired to explore their ancestral homeland can join CIE Tours International on one of three robust guided vacations with a special National Tartan Day discount of $500 per booking. The offer is based on double occupancy and the booking window closes April 30 for travel throughout 2018. Details are available at

Scotland has much to offer, from castles in Edinburgh to Art Nouveaux design in Glasgow, beautiful lochs and glens in the countryside, iconic steam train journeys and top-notch whisky, of course. These  Scottish mainstays and more are on display during the following vacations with CIE Tours, which are privy to the National Tartan Day discount:

Scottish Lochs and Castles (8 days from $2,490 per person)
Outer Hebrides (11 days from $3,550 per person)
Scottish Supreme (8 days from $3,590 per person)
 In celebration of all things Scotch, CIE Tours’ travelers may be intrigued to learn:

* The world was introduced to color photography with a picture of a Tartan ribbon.
* A scrap of tartan joined Neil Armstrong during his iconic 1969 space mission to the moon as a nod to his heritage.
* There are more than 150 languages spoken in Scotland in addition to English.
* Scotland comprises almost 800 islands, of which about 100 are inhabited, leaving many a natural playground for discovery.
* Redheads make up as much as 13 percent of the Scottish population – the highest proportion in the world.

 For more information or to book a 2018 tour, visit, call 800-243-8687, or connect with a travel professional.

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Ireland and Britain’s largest tour operator, CIE Tours offers fully inclusive and expertly guided vacations to Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales, from group travel to highly curated private itineraries. Over its 86-year history, the Morristown, New Jersey-based company has earned a reputation for excellence that is rooted in its signature Irish hospitality, the genuine warmth and expertise of its guides and hosts, and a talent for fostering lasting friendships on the road. CIE Tours makes it easy for travelers to immerse themselves in a new place with exclusive access, authentic experiences, and in-depth knowledge that, in the spirit of Celtic heritage, often begins with a story. For more information, visit

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