American Cruise Lines kicks off its 2018 West Coast Season

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American Cruise Lines kicks off its 2018 West Coast Season

American Cruise Lines kicks off its 2018 West Coast Season

American Cruise Lines kicks off the new 2018 West Coast season this Saturday, April 7th with American Constellation’s inaugural cruise in the Northwest. The new ship will depart on a Tulip-themed cruise in Puget Sound, roundtrip from Seattle. Guests aboard American Constellation will experience a world-renowned blooming event as they sail through the most spectacular scenery in the Pacific Northwest.

Having doubled its Puget Sound and Alaska capacity with 2 ships sailing in 2018, and further increasing capacity in 2019, American is well positioned to offer the widest range of itineraries of any small ship line. American has 5, 8, & 11-day itineraries in Puget Sound and 8, 11, & 15-day itineraries in Alaska. In 2018, the Line further distinguishes itself in the region, as American Constellation will be the only fully stabilized small cruise ship in Alaska this summer.

All of American Cruise Line’s 2018 West Coast itineraries offer many of the most exciting experiences in cruising —from Kayaking in Friday Harbor to exclusive access to Glacier Bay, to some of the best whale watching in the world. All cruises provide award-winning enrichment and guided shore excursions, as well as onboard historians, naturalists, and local experts. Pre-cruise packages are available on all Puget Sound cruises departing from Seattle and complimentary pre-cruise packages are available on all Alaska cruises departing from Juneau. Packages include premium hotel stays, city tours, and transportation to the ship.

About American Cruise Lines: 

American Cruise Lines is the largest cruise line in the U.S. and the premiere leader in the industry. The Line has become the gold standard for cruising in the U.S. through a focus on ship innovation and a tradition of introducing only brand new ships. In 2018, with 10 ships, American operates the largest modern fleet of authentic paddlewheelers, small coastal cruise ships, and the only modern riverboat in the country. With over 35 itineraries visiting 25 states, American cruises along the rivers, as well as the coastal and inland waterways of New England, Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the Mississippi River system, and the Southeast. 

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