International Day of Happiness

AAT KINGS - Bay of Islands NZ

AAT KINGS – Bay of Islands NZ

International Day of Happiness

TTC wants to send travellers to the happiest places on earth – and with the United Nations recently revealing its annual World Happiness Ranking – what better countries to travel to then those in the top ten list?

See below for the top ten list as well a bit of information on each and relating trips travellers can take to experience these happy countries.


Enjoy a joy-filled and soulful 13 day sojourn around Inspiring Australia, from the tropical rainforests and reefs of northern Australia to the spiritual Red Centre and iconic harbour city of Sydney. This Inspiring Journey will delight your every sense as you encounter ancient cultures, indulge in delicious foodie flavours, admire an exquisite natural setting that is simply out of this world and meet the friendly and happy locals of the sunny country.


Stockholm is a model city of contemporary design, inspiring museums and extraordinary beauty – it’s no wonder it placed 9th on the world’s happiest place on earth. On Luxury Gold’s Timeless Scandinavian itinerary, travellers will join their Local Expert for an eye-opening tour of the city with visits to the City Hall’s marvellous Gyllene salen, the Golden Hall, and the Blå hallen, the Blue Hall,where the Nobel Prize banquets are held every year.


A tale of two great islands awaits you on this awe-inspiring and happiness inducing Inspiring New Zealand trip, of epic natural beauty and ancient rituals and traditions – yours to explore on this Inspiring Journey across the length and breadth of New Zealand. Embrace the sophistication of its cities, the happy locals and the soulful expanse of its stunning untamed landscapes.


Canada offers the opportunity to see whales, caribou and moose in their natural habitat – and where else can you see grizzly bears at close range? From the dazzling peaks of the Rocky Mountains to Quebec’s French Heritage, Canada is well known for continually being a happy country! Travellers can experience a blend of adventure, scenery and culture on Adventure World’s 16-day Handpicked Canada itinerary.


Why not discover the Netherlands through the canals of Amsterdam to the belfry of Bruges? On Uniworld’s 10-day Tulips and Windmills cruise, travellers will stroll through colourful acres of tulips at Keukenhof Gardens to get a sense of the Netherlands’ extraordinary connection to these blooms. Then visit the 19 UNESCO-designated windmills of Kinderdijk to better understand how these mighty structures have been used to protect the Low Country from ever-rising water levels for hundreds of years.


Regularly ranked among the top three happiest countries in the world, Switzerland oftentimes seems like a fantasy. From the chocolates to the picture-perfect vistas of the region, Switzerland is a dreamlike world. On the 11-day Majestic Switzerland journey with Luxury Gold , guests will stop at St Moritz for a nature guide through the mountain’s scenic views and amazing alpine scenery before hopping aboard the Glacier Express, a world-famous train, for unparalleled panorama of snow-covered peaks. The bliss of the locals is sure to rub off during an orientation walk of Geneva, culminated with a dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant, La Ferme de l’Hospital, a 17th century farmhouse serving innovative cuisine complimented by delicious local wines.


The countries of Scandinavia are routinely at the tops of most lists about happy places in the world. From the stunning slopes and rich chocolates of Switzerland to the marketplaces and natural geothermal water wonders of Iceland, the regions of Scandinavia are legendary. On Insight Vacations Natural Wonders of Iceland itinerary, travellers will experience a world of natural phenomena: gushing waterfalls, volcanoes and stunning landscapes at every turn. The overwhelming beauty of this country will ensure travellers will want to return again and again.


Third on the happiness list is Denmark and Trafalgar’s 14-day Scenic Scandinavia and its Fjords trip makes it easy to discover the deep fjords, glaciers and islands that line the Scandinavian coastline. Discover people and places that inspired Hans Christian Andersen to share tales of mermaids, queens and ugly ducklings.


Tales of Vikings and trolls await on Trafalgar’s epic Best of Norway trip, a 9-day journey through Norway, the second happiest place. Take in the startling beauty of this Scandinavian country and its people, including dinner with the 5th generation Øvre-Eide family on their livestock farm, which has been operating since the 1500s.


While its long, dark and cold days seem at odds with its listing as the happiest place on earth, Finland is a delightful surprise. Trafalgar’s 15-day Best of Finland Russia and The Baltic States trip begins in the country’s hip capital city, Helsinki and continues to Russia’s s must-see cities, plus Europe’s eastern gems.

Source = The Travel Corporation (TTC)
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