Oaks Hotels & Resorts completes China Ready® program launch

Oaks on Market_Studio Bedroom

Oaks on Market_Studio Bedroom

Oaks Hotels & Resorts completes China Ready® program launch

Leading accommodation provider Oaks Hotels & Resorts, a division of Minor Hotels, is pleased to announce it has officially initiated its ‘guì bīn’ program – a dedicated Chinese VIP service that caters to the growing international travel market.

Since announcing its plans to roll out its ‘gui bin’ services and in-room amenities across a selection of its properties, Oaks Hotels & Resorts can now also reveal it has been officially recognised by China Ready® as an accredited partner – reinforcing its commitment to this growing inbound travel market, which is expected to reach 3.3 million by 2026, according to Tourism Australia.

10 of Oaks Hotels & Resorts’ properties across Australia and New Zealand are now officially China Ready® accredited, including Oaks Pacific Blue Resort (Port Stephens), Oaks Embassy and Oaks Horizons (Adelaide), Oaks WRAP on Southbank, Oaks on Collins and Oaks on Market (Melbourne), Oaks Oasis (Sunshine Coast), Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort (Hunter Valley), Oaks Charlotte Towers (Brisbane) and Oaks Shores (Queenstown).

As part of the accreditation program, Oaks Hotels & Resorts team members undertook extensive training with China Ready® in order to prepare for the opportunities and challenges that can come with engaging with Chinese visitors.

The China Ready® accreditation assists Chinese visitors in identifying products and services it can trust when planning their travel.

Following extensive research into the motivating factors that influence travel decisions, Chinese guests will now enjoy a host of exclusive services, amenities and complimentary lifestyle items to ensure they have the best possible travel experience when visiting Australia and staying at a participating Oaks property.

From receiving a welcome letter in Mandarin, along with Mandarin speaking front desk staff, to the provision of dental kits, slippers, access to 24-hour Wi-Fi, free instant noodles, and the addition of popular Asian dishes at participating hotel restaurants, Oaks Hotels & Resorts has recognised the importance of delivering an authentic ‘home away from home’ experience for its Chinese guests.

For more information, please visit https://www.oakshotels.com/en

Source = Oaks Hotels & Resorts
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