Visit Shellharbour for a new and quirky

Nature Engagement Tours

Visit Shellharbour for a new and quirky

Nature Engagement Tours are running this nature walk with quirky owner and guide Paul Dickson. Paul will show you rare plants and animals unique to Macquarie Pass National Park on a unique two and a half hour bushwalk.

The most important part of the tour is choosing your favourite jam to go on the scones made by Paul’s mum.

Paul will showcase a few tree species including; Turpentine, Red Cedar, Cabbage Tree Palm and Blackbutt.. Many of the Eucalypts in this section of forest are well over 300 years old.

There’s a prolific number of Australian animals you may see on the walk,  including the Lyrebird, Swamp Wallaby and Red Necked Wallabies, the Wedge Tailed Eagle, Superb Blue Wren, Yellow Robin and Honey Eaters. In the evening, a keen eye may spot Powerful Owls,  Sugar and Yellow Bellied Gliders.

The walk finishes with morning tea – scones cooked by Paul’s Mum with locally made jam.

Your guide Paul is known for his colourful personality and love of ecology. He’s the first to admit that he’s more at home in the bush than he is in his Wollongong home. Before starting Nature Engagement Tours Paul worked for twelve years in childcare and was also an outdoor education guide at school camps, where he would take kids and teenagers bushwalking and teach them about the local ecology.

Cost is $45 including your scones and jam.

If you’d like to find an unspoilt slice of Australia visit Tourism Shellharbour’s website for this and many other adventure tours

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