Brochures trending in 2018

Solo Connections Collection 2017-2018

Brochures trending in 2018

Brochures trending in 2018

Travel Industry Network (TIN) have reported that Solo Connections’ 2017-2018 Collection has been their top viewed brochure for January and February, with traffic for the brochure predominately coming from internet searches. Not far behind for views was Odyssey Travellers’ 2017-2018 Catalogue followed by Qantas Holidays’ Norfolk Island brochure.

“Brochure traffic from internet searches peaked in January with almost 17,000 brochures viewed over the holiday period”, said Sabina Ziolkowski, MD at TIN, “we typically see increased brochure interest just before the end of the school holidays”.

The top 10 brochures viewed at for the 1 January to 28 February period were:

  1. Solo Connections Collection 2017-18
  2. Odyssey Traveller 2017-2018 Catalogue
  3. Qantas Holidays Norfolk Island 2017-2018
  4. Viking Cruises River Cruises 2018
  5. Bentours Scandinavia Expedition Cruising 2018-2019
  6. Captains Choice Small Group Hosted Journeys 2018
  7. Tempo Holidays Greece Croatia & Turkey 2018-2019
  8. Tempo Holidays Italy France & Spain 2018-2019
  9. CIT Switzerland 2018
  10. Wendy Wu Tours China 2018-2019
Source = Travel Industry Network
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