GNTB marketing campaign theme #EnjoyGermanFood


GNTB marketing campaign theme #EnjoyGermanFood

GNTB marketing campaign theme #EnjoyGermanFood

GNTB marketing campaign theme #EnjoyGermanFood

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) has launched its “Culinary Germany” themed campaign. A microsite for this campaign is now available at At the heart of the site are 16 videos under the heading “Follow the Taste”, in which two internationally renowned gastronomy and wine experts go on a culinary journey and present delicacies from all of the German states. A trailer provides a summary of the videos. Hashtag #EnjoyGermanFood bundles the additional online campaign communication initiatives for social media.

Petra Hedorfer, Chief Executive Officer of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB), explained during the campaign kick-off: “Our cross-media campaign strategy addresses potential visitors to Germany as well as vision multipliers from the international travel
industry and media – both online and offline. Focusing on regional and seasonal offerings supports Germany’s positioning as a sustainable destination and promotes tourism in rural areas.”

Cross-Media Campaign Strategy
The “Culinary Germany” campaign theme deals with typical traditional offerings from all of the German regions. It also includes tourism innovations, extraordinary locations and provides the possibility of experiencing these regions through their culinary traditions. This themed campaign makes discovering the culinary pleasures held in store by destination Germany an authentic viewing experience.

The city and regional locations promoted as part of the campaign are integrated in the campaign initiatives upon recommendation and in close collaboration with the state marketing organizations.

The GNTB is expanding the annual campaign in foreign markets on the basis of its intensive cooperation with its premium partner, the German Wine Institute (Deutsches  Weininstitut, DWI) and others. For example, in February 2018, in close cooperation with the
German Wine Institute, culinary food-truck events are scheduled to take place in 13 international markets, with presentations and tasting of asparagus, bread and wine from Germany. And at international cooking events, influencers will be cooking speciality recipes
as shown in the film footage – an additional trans-media communication initiative.

Culinary Germany as a Draw
Germany is renowned for its diverse regional cooking styles and specialties as well as its wide range of culinary offerings. The development of German top-notch cuisine on the international stage is reflected in 300 star-rated restaurants. German cuisine is also
impacted by Mediterranean, Oriental and Asian influences. An increasing number of restaurateurs are developing their culinary offerings using regional and seasonal products and based on traditional recipes, to prepare local and delicious cuisine. Regional weekly markets or traditional festivals throughout the year provide visitors from around the world with an especially authentic experience of German culture in terms of food and drink.

Enjoying Fine Wines
German wines have an excellent reputation around the world. Wine walking tours combine active travel and enjoyment. In 13 wine-growing regions, tourists are accompanied by one of 500 qualified wine tour guides. DWI Riesling Lounges, where select culinary experts introduce German wines, provide an opportunity to discover wines outside of the winegrowing regions.

Source = The German National Tourist Board (GNTB)
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