British Airways uncovers Singaporeans’ mixed feelings to holidays

British Airways uncovers Singaporeans’ mixed feelings to holidays

British Airways uncovers Singaporeans’ mixed feelings to holidays

British Airways uncovers Singaporeans’ mixed feelings to holidays

  • 64 percent of Singaporeans said their longest holiday in 2017 was less than 10 days
  • On average, Singaporeans take 4 holidays abroad a year, compared to the Japanese (8 trips), Indians (7 trips); Hong Kong (3 trips) and Malaysians (3 trips)
  • 67 percent of employed adults said they would think of work a lot while they are on holiday

When it comes to travel, a majority of Singaporeans would opt for more short trips throughout the year than one longer ones. According to a study by British Airways, 64 percent of respondents would travel no longer than 10 days abroad and take four trips a year on average. In spite of the apparent love for travel in the country, it seems that Singaporeans (38 percent) are more reluctant to take longer holiday breaks as compared to neighbours like Malaysia (32 percent) and Hong Kong (33 percent).

Conducted between 20 December 2017 and 4 January 2018 with 2,000 Singaporeans, the study found that nine in ten (91 percent) would usually go abroad for less than two weeks, including 27 percent opting for a holiday spanning not more than five days. Whilst half of respondents spending on average five to nine days on holiday abroad, 43 percent felt they did not have a long enough break and 65 percent wished they had more time at their holiday destination. When it comes to holiday plans, Singaporeans don’t hold back on re-visiting their favourite destination – 80 percent admitted that they have been back to the same destination more than once and re-visiting their favourite destination up to six times on average.

While short-holidays offer a time for working adults to relax and unwind, for many, the reality of a holiday is not as gratifying. The short-term holiday trend is attributed to 48 percent of the respondents citing a piling workload as a main concern, and 37 percent not being able to get the time off. Even during the holidays, more than sixty percent of the respondents (65 percent) spend their time thinking about work. What’s more, 72 percent noted that on their return they felt they had not properly “switchedoff” and 22 percent admitted that they came back dreading their return to work.

Robert Williams, British Airways’ head of sales – Asia Pacific and the Middle East, said: “For most people, holidays are a time for rejuvenation and relaxation. The pressure to keep up with work can be stressful, but finding a work-life balance is necessary if not more important to stay ahead at work. I found travelling to a new destination helpful in getting myself more mindful and present during holidays. Everything around you is new and that sparks your adventurous spirit to focus on the trip. A trip like that offers enriching experiences and also helps boost productivity after you return.”

British Airways currently operates two daily flights from Singapore to London and one daily flight to Sydney. Customers have the opportunity to travel in ultimate style and comfort, thanks to British Airways’ revolutionary Superjumbo Airbus A380 – the quietest plane in the sky, and the state-of-theart hub London Heathrow Terminal 5 where it offers seamless flight connections to over 200
destinations in the UK, Europe and the US.

The airline announced that it is investing £4.5 billion for its customers over the next five years, covering the installation of the best quality Wi-Fi and power in every seat, fitting 128 long-haul aircraft with new interiors and taking delivery of 72 new aircraft. The airline is also investing £600 million specifically in its Club World business class, including outstanding catering and luxurious The White Company bedding plus, from 2019, a new seat with direct aisle access. This year, British Airways will start services on six new routes including Nashville from January and The Seychelles from March. For more information, please visit

Source = British Airways
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