Going dry for TIME

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Caption: Steve Mackenzie (left) and Martin Cowley enjoying a final libation before going dry for TIME.

Going dry for time

  • Chairman and CEO of The Lido Group are taking a unique approach to raising funds for the industry’s premier career accelerator
  • Goal of $3000 will 100 percent fund a mentee placement in TIME’s renowned mentoring program

Martin Cowley and Steve Mackenzie, Chairman and CEO respectively of TIME sponsor, The Lido Group, are passionate advocates for mentoring, and have decided to sacrifice 90-days of good times to raise funds for the program.

For three months from 01 February, the pair are going alcohol-free, raising much-needed financial support for the Travel Industry Mentor Experience.

“We’re thrilled Martin and Steve have chosen TIME as the recipient of their fundraising efforts. It’s an incredibly generous thing to do, and highlights their commitment to what TIME does for our industry”, says TIME Founder, Penny Spencer.

Cowley and Mackenzie are aiming to raise $3000, a sum that will fund 100 percent of the fees for an aspiring industry leader to complete TIME’s respected mentoring program.

“90 days is a long time!”, says Cowley.

“We’re off to a pretty reasonable start with the fundraising after only just a few days. But we’re not going to stop if we reach our goal faster than expected. We’ll go the full 90-days and, with luck, we might manage to fund two spots in the TIME program”, he continued.

Anyone can support their efforts simply by making a contribution at their “Go dry for TIME” GoFundMe page:


“The TIME network is a close-knit one”, says Penny Spencer.

“What many people don’t realise, is that even though mentoring and career development is a serious business, we still manage to have a lot of fun. Our regular events are enviable gatherings of the industry’s finest, best-connected people. We support each other, make introductions and celebrate success. We look forward to celebrating with Martin and Steve at the end of their 90-days, too”, Spencer continues.

To learn more about TIME, visit the TIME website or contact Program Manager, Marie Allom:

• Email Marie at time@travelindustrymentor.com.au

• Visit www.travelindustrymentor.com.au

Source = Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME)
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