Green destinations and locations in 2018 July to December

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Green destinations and locations in 2018 July to December

Sustainable traveling that is fun and encourages a thoughtful attitude towards nature and people: Green Pearls® provides tips for the second half year – the best destinations and locations from July to December.

Black Forest


July: Relaxation in the Black Forest

On a vacation in the Black Forest travelers can enjoy pristine nature, clear mountain lakes and forest as far as the eye can see. The Albtal with its gentle hills and picturesque meadows is particularly suitable for hiking tours through the diverse landscape of the Black Forest. An ideal starting point is the Schwarzwald Panorama, located in the health resort Bad Herrenalb. In a place, where people have known for centuries how to use the ancient forces of nature, Schwarzwald Panorama provides relaxation with its selfness concept that goes beyond usual wellness – including experienced experts and a comprehensive program ranging from wellness and beauty to Yoga and TCM.

tropical greenery


August: honeymoon surrounded by tropical greenery

Cerf Island in the Seychelles provides an exceptional island experience. Due to the island’s size of less than one square mile, it can easily be explored by foot and guests are among themselves: there are no streets, but a lot of lush greenery, lonely white beaches and crystal clear water of the surrounding Sainte Anne Marine Park. This is the romantic setting of the environmentally friendly Cerf Island Resort – the ideal place for wedding couples and those newly in love. The 24 villas of Cerf Island Resort built in traditional style blend in perfectly with the surrounding nature and in the restaurant serving mainly local food couples can enjoy a romantic dinner with direct view of the sunset.



September: hiking on Tenerife

Seawater pool, biological mattresses and solar panels providing warm water – at the Océano Hotel Health Spa on Tenerife sustainability and a holistic health concept play an important role. Guests of the Océano Hotel Health Spa benefit from the comprehensive detoxification program after F.X. Mayer and the power of the ocean in Thalasso Therapy. Those who want to discover the beauty of the sea and have breathtaking views over the cliffs should try a hiking tour along the coast. Even if the weather on the Canary Islands is always mild and sunny, in autumn it is particularly nice: temperatures around 20 °C are perfect for enjoying the spectacular nature of Tenerife.

Incas in Peru


October: following the traces of the Incas in Peru

On a mountain ridge in the Andes, at an altitude of 2.430 meters, travelers will find the ruins of the ancient city Machu Picchu. In the city’s best days, up to 1.000 people lived here. Today, the mysterious Inca ruins attract visitors from all over the world. For those who want to explore the traces of the Inca civilization, Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel is perfect. On guided hiking tours guests learn a lot about the history of the Incas and in the evenings they can enjoy traditional dishes made from local ingredients. Numerous projects demonstrate that the hotel group Inkaterra cares about environmental protection. Just recently, Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel donated a waste compacting machine to address Machu Picchu’s waste management crisis, observed by UNESCO in 2016. The machine is able to process 14 tons of waste per day, which is later transported to recycling plants by train.



November: exploring the traditions of India

At the beginning of November, thousands of Hindus gather in Kerala for ten days to celebrate Alpashi Utsavam. The highlight of the festivities is the Aarattu ceremony: in a solemn procession accompanied by decorated elephants, the idols of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple are escorted to the sea for a “holy bath”. Kerala abounds in temples and the state’s fascinating rituals and traditions provide insights into the local culture. For example, at Coconut Lagoon, visitors have the opportunity to see the poetic performance art form Ottan Thullal, whose origins go back to the 18th century. Guests of the Coconut Lagoon also experience local craftsmanship, as they live in mansions which are more than 150 years old, built in a traditional way that has been nearly extinct. The buildings have been saved from deterioration by restoring them here with great attention to detail. This is sustainable and at the same time gives visitors the chance to discover local culture.



December: skiing in the snow of Allgäu

The ski area Balderschwang is one of the most snow-guaranteed regions in Germany having up to twelve meters of snow per season. During cross-country skiing or hiking tours on snowshoes, visitors can explore the winter landscape – and completely manage without artificial snow, slopes or ski lifts. With “Spurwechsel”, Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa even provides a special offer for cross-country skiers. At the Hubertus,

clear architecture and tasteful furniture meets a sustainable overall concept – and due to its optimal isolation and the sustainable heating technology with pellets theHubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa achieves values that are close to those of a passive house.

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