You ask – roomsXML answers

You ask – roomsXML answers


roomsXML rolls out a series of agent inspired upgrades to make nailing the sale easier and more efficient than ever


Good to know - Fairmont Singapore“Touching base and learning from agents is essential ; price and availability is one thing, but an efficient booking process  is a key to being competitive ”.

Mark Luckey, MD for roomsXML Pacific for the past 11 years, is passionate about continual improvement. “It started as an internal movement in 2010 to provide the best support across the industry… Every year we continually improve our value proposition in being the best hotel wholesaler in the industry.  We have a stable team who have been with us for years; that should tell agents lots about how we do what we do.”

Product development partner, Anuj Bang, understands that whilst they are a tech business, no one else cares about the technology. “ Improving 2 million lines of code is like opening a can of worms, but if it’s what agents want, it’s our job to seamlessly implement solutions that makes their job easier.”

One of the biggest bugbears of booking online accommodation is room type information. Anuj says

“It’s the same story; a hotel changes its marketing approach, updates room names and descriptions and before you know it, the same room is described differently on three different websites.”


“One of the most popular global hotels, The Marina Bay Sands, is a great example. The room type descriptions have been upgraded to describe room furnishings, the floor plans and size, which floor Range a room is on and allows agents to identify upgrade opportunities.”


Room Information - Marina Bay Sands


roomsXML also implemented of new hotel rating algorithms that not only aggregate reviews, but trawl social media  to get a feel of what guests are actually saying about the property.

Mark says “by giving the agents narrative, they move past describing rooms and can start selling dreams. These algorithms sort ratings and commentary by couples, business travellers and families in an interface which is not available to the general public.”

“Why would you search elsewhere if your agent can give you all the information?”

roomsXML also moved cancellation policies upfront; easier said than done when 40 suppliers provide that information in different formats, across different time zones using any one of a dozen currencies.

Anuj says “it’s a few less button clicks for agents to get the important information they need. Time is money and providing information upfront or saving a call to our customer service Centre frees agents up to do it they do best; sell travel.”

 Policy Upfront - Mandarin Orchard


Ruchir Bang, global MD of roomsXML sums up how this is all part of roomsXML’s international success story.

“Over the 11 years of business we have added offices in UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, UAE, USA, China and Ukraine. Our success is driven by our fanatical focus on empowering travel agents with the most innovative systems and tools.

“We are industry leaders in the way we harness data so agents can complete against giant OTAs. We do it by understanding the real life challenges of agents .”

Mark is tightlipped about the near future but cryptically added “we plan on getting a little bit funkier this year ”.

Look out for roomsXML as they pull the moves to match the tunes throughout 2018.



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