Elevate your performance

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Bounce Board

Elevate your performance

Ever wondered why those trampoline boards look suspiciously like a little, soft snowboard? Cos that’s kinda how the idea to create a Bounce Board came about! Determined to practice his flying techniques during the off season, a young American lad wanted to create something his mum would let him use to get even more height on the backyard trampoline! He was keen to design something a little lighter and softer around the edges to use instead of his snowboard so that he could keep all of his teeth (smart boy!)

The result was a curved, padded and flexible board made of a much lighter and softer material that meant he could get even more air! Apparently mum approved and he was encouraged by his high school teachers to patent the idea. Numerous prototypes and fourteen years later, the Bounce Board has become a popular addition to trampolines across the world and a tool used by many a surfer, skateboarder, skier and snowboarder to hone and perfect their jumping skills without the need for ramps, rails, half pipes…..or snow for that matter!

Now you’re not likely to get any snow on this tropical isle, but Bounce Bali has plenty of these boards available for you to practice your flips, Mctwists, Ollies and more! Love to jump? Get more height and take your airtime tricks to another level with Bounce Boards. Strong and sturdy and constructed of dense EVA foam, Bounce Boards mean you can jump higher for longer. Double D ring straps wrap over your foot to securely attach the board and all you have to do then is bounce!

An innovative piece of equipment that is finding its way into the regular and off season training practices and programs of many professional sportspeople, the Bounce Board is an effective and fun cross training accessory that helps build power, guarantee safer landings, improve twists and turns and most of all, give even more elevation to your jumps.

You can try them out at Bounce Bali today for only Rp70k for 20 minutes – no Bounce Pass required! Bounce Boards are also being incorporated into the Junior Sports Academy weekly trampolining classes as a new element of their Term 3 program. Save your skateboards for the sidewalk and your wakeboard for the water, but be sure to try out these cool tools the next time you are visiting Bounce Bali. Book online at bouncebali.com today, or book in person at Bounce Reception. Fly high and have fun!

Bounce Trampoline Centre

Jalan Raya Pantai Berawa, Canggu – Bali

Phone : +62 (361) 848 3939 / +62 828 97 193 939

Email : info@bouncebali.com

Website : www.bouncebali.com


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