Anjuna and three consulting® join forces


Anjuna and three consulting® join forces

Anjuna and three consulting® join forces

Airlines, airports and tourism authorities can now access new and fully integrated data, insights, airline representation, distribution services and aviation consulting following the joint venture partnership between Anjuna and three consulting.

Anjuna, a disrupter to the traditional GSA industry, delivers global reach through local expertise to its clients via its global offices.

three consulting’s core services include route development, network planning, market research and aviation management, ensuring it’s the perfect complement to Anjuna’s airline representation services.

Teams from both companies are experienced aviation and travel industry experts but also include agile data scientists, software developers and digital marketing specialists.

“In partnering with three consulting we have an amazing opportunity to bring together two great analytics and intelligence businesses in an unrivalled proposition”, said James Vaile, Anjuna co-founder and CEO.

“Collectively Anjuna and three consulting bring together cut-through analytics and state-of-the-art strategies to deliver unmatched growth prospects to our respective client base. It will blend global network scale with start-up spirit to ensure our clients take their strategy and operations from strength to strength in the global markets,” added Vaile.

The new operation will be led by Jayne Davey as she extends her managing director role of three consulting to Anjuna’s business in Australia and New Zealand.

“Joining forces with Anjuna gives us limitless opportunities.  Anjuna and three consulting will deliver unique and unparalleled insights to our customers. It’s an exciting new proposition that I’m very proud to lead,” said Davey.

“Together we can showcase our work on a global stage, provide clients with greater resources and deeper insights and gives us access to client relationships that will allow our teams to work smarter.”

The new global joint venture will maintain both brands (Anjuna and three consulting) with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, Europe and Asia.

Anjuna Solutions PTE is a global airline services company that represents airlines in five global markets while providing sales and marketing solutions. The company brings experienced aviation and travel industry experts together with data scientists, software developers, and digital marketing specialists. With this broad range of capabilities, Anjuna Solutions PTE serves today’s traditional airline service needs while also providing clients with a competitive advantage, based on integrating and leveraging cutting edge innovations within the digital technology and big data space to drive greater value. Anjuna Solutions PTE is a Singapore registered company with its global Headquarters in Los Angeles and regional offices in New York, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto Montreal, Zurich, Singapore, Sydney and Auckland.

Source = Anjuna Solutions

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