Korean Air’s employees volunteer at Tondano, Indonesia

Korean Air

Korean Air’s employees volunteer at Tondano, Indonesia

Korean Air’s employees volunteer at Tondano, Indonesia

Korean Air’s volunteer groups, Sarangnanum – which means to share love – and Didimdol – a Korean word for stepping-stone – flew to Indonesia on January 9th to help out with some volunteering. 20 members from the groups participated and headed to the Tondano region in Sulawes, Indonesia, for a week to help the local community.

Tondano is a small region located on Sulawesi Island, the 11th biggest island in the world, and approximately 35km away from Manado, capital of the North Sulawesi. Most of the residents there work in agriculture for a living. The village, which the volunteers visited, is remote and situated near volcanic mountains. Electricity and other energy resources are therefore, not always readily available and on a consistent basis. The lack of public facilities also causes an inconvenience for residents living here.

Understanding all the disadvantages in advance, apart from constructing a new building for the local orphanage, the volunteer group also helped with the maintenance of public roads, in addition to safe hygiene levels of facilities, for the sake of providing a pleasant living environment. As well as the previous work carried out, volunteers also planted durian in the region for the first time in order to form a self-supporting economy system for the local orphanage.

Korean Air has a total of 25 volunteer groups which give up some of their free time to perform various volunteer projects at orphanages, rehabilitation centers for the disabled, as well as senior care centers to support disadvantaged groups. The airline actively encourages and supports these groups to perform volunteer activities in various countries, including Thailand, Philippines and Mongolia.

As a leading global carrier, Korean Air will continue to engage in corporate social responsibility programs at home and abroad, supporting local communities.

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