DriveAway spills on USA Motorhomes

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DriveAway spills on USA Motorhomes

DriveAway spills on USA Motorhomes

Now more than ever Aussie’s are looking to travel to the USA. Do you have clients looking for a bucket list experience like a motorhome holiday?

Self-drive motorhome specialists DriveAway Holidays suggest packing up a motorhome and creating an itinerary throughout the USA. A motorhome holiday is ideal for independent travellers wishing to create an itinerary with flexibility, whilst having a reputable supplier on hand to assist. And we know that it’s absolutely perfect for kids, because what parent enjoys having kids in a hotel room?

With a deal to suit any traveller in its recently launched earlybird specials for 2018, choose from a range of motorhomes in the USA and SAVE your clients up to 10 percent.

DriveAway have the inside scoop on motorhome holidays in the USA – so listen up all agents. Motorhome collections in the USA have increased by 6 percent year on year and are forecast to grow throughout 2018, especially within the US summer months. PLUS average rental days have remained the same for motorhome booking in the USA for 18 days, which means travellers are looking to go to the USA on a motorhome holiday for at least 3 weeks. The great news doesn’t stop there for DriveAway’s agents – secure great commission on all motorhome bookings.

So whether it’s driving route 66 or exploring Yellowstone national park, search, compare and save on worldwide motorhomes online – visit or call 1300 363 500.

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