Airplane seat cover to keep you healthy

Seat Sitters

Airplane seat cover to keep you healthy $14.99

Airplane seat cover to keep you healthy $14.99

It takes less than 30 seconds to envelop your airplane space in sanitized delight! Open the Seat Sitters compact package, unfold the seat cover and stretch it over the top of the seat, sit down and relax.  Unwrap the included wipes and sanitize the arm rests and tray table.  Easy as that you have taken necessary steps to keep yourself healthy and protected from MRSA, eColi and other pesky germs you could encounter on your flight.

Seasoned travelers would never fly without their Seat Sitters! They need to arrive at their destination healthy and vibrant!  Seat Sitters are changing the way people travel around the world and you need to get on board! Come on, it’s 2018 and the way to travel is clean, healthy & fun! You may have seen the stylish businessman next to you on your last flight covering the disgusting airplane seat with a lightweight, chic seat cover.  He casually wiped down the armrests and tray table and put his head back on his clean Seat Sitter and relaxed in comfort and style. Or maybe you noticed the family who all slipped a Seat Sitter over the creepy airplane upholstery and napped for hours in clean comfort.

  • Soft, comfortable and reusable seat covers for use on airplane and theater seats
  • Includes one reusable seat cover, a disposable tray table cover, two sanitary wipes and one allergy mask
  • Makes an excellent guard against contact with peanut and food allergens
  • Children’s edition includes crayons to color on the tray table cover to help keep kids entertained while traveling
  • Great to use during cold and flu season
  • Black fabric is non-woven, disposable and recyclable
  • Approximate size is 24” x 61”
  • Sold online at for $14.99
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