New: Book DriveAway motorhomes online

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New: Book DriveAway motorhomes online!

New: Book DriveAway motorhomes online!

DriveAway have just released a brand new online booking platform for motorhomes. That’s right agents – you can now book motorhome rentals online through DriveAway!

What does this mean for agents? Get real time quotes, with live pricing and availability, at the click of a button. All options, equipment & extras are also displayed and can be added at the time of quoting or booking.

The best thing of all is being able to compare suppliers & vehicles in one place for your clients.

These changes demonstrate the strength, flexibility and convenience of DriveAway Holidays to deliver better service to agents, and to better leverage their motorhome fleet. With over 17 suppliers in 32 countries and more to come in the near future, DriveAway Holidays is looking forward to providing even more options to agents and their clients throughout 2018. DriveAway’s Managing Director Chris Hamill says, “This is just the first of many new initiatives we will be releasing in early 2018.  Motorhomes are a great opportunity for our industry partners to make some easy commission with the average sell price in 2017 being $3,069 earning a consultant in excess of $300 per booking”.

After careful research into their customer data, DriveAway have seen an increase of 18 percent in motorhome collections for Australian travellers over the last year. Motorhome collections in New Zealand & the UK have both grown by 24 percent year on year and are forecast to continually grow throughout 2018. Advice from DriveAway Holidays is to be on the lookout for deals in Australia, the USA and Canada as this year is just getting started!

Search, compare and save on worldwide motorhomes online – visit or call 1300 363 500

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