CBS Travel Asia unleashes digital preferred partners brochure

Sasimol Ussamarn

Sasimol Ussamarn
Vice President Business Analysis & Strategic Planning

CBS Travel Asia unleashes digital preferred partners brochure

It is no surprise that CBS Travel Asia continue to lead the way in tourism initiatives and in particular for Thailand.

This week has seen the release of a high end designed catalogue featuring 158 partner hotels across the kingdom, made available to travel partners across the globe, the Thailand Destination Guide.

Ms Sasimol Ussamarn, Vice President Business Analysis & Strategic Planning, says, this is the future of partnerships. In the past the partnerships existed but in a different format, at CBS Travel Asia, we have maintained those relationships over many decades and now apply technology to everyone’s benefit. Our hotel partners love the opportunity as they are constantly seeking out new and improved distribution opportunities which are highly visible and cost effective.

To view and secure your very own copy of the Thailand Destination Guide and learn more about the CBS Travel Asia preferred hotel partners, please CLICK HERE

About CBS Travel Asia

CBS Travel Asia was established in 1999 and is now one of Thailand’s most respected leading destination management companies. This outstanding achievement in such a short period of time is a direct result of the vision of the company’s CEO, Mr Chaladol Ussamarn, whose deep understanding of Asian tourism is rooted in over 35 years of hands-on operational experience.

Of these 35 years, 29 years were spent with a leading Swiss / Thai tour company where he worked his way up to a senior executive level prior to branching out on his own with the opening of CBS Travel Asia as an independent company. With constant growth, today CBS Travel Asia has over 100 employees with many branches across Thailand (Phuket, Samui, Pattaya etc.) and headquarters in Bangkok.

Our slogan Because We Can assures that our company is able to fulfill all your client’s needs with quality services, provided and supervised by highly qualified and experienced Thai and European managers who fully understand the needs and idiosyncrasies of the many nationalities that the company handles on a daily basis.

Source = CBS Travel Asia

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  1. Greetings from South Africa, I find your company profile quite interesting and would like to find out what’s the way forward with some form of collaboration? Asia is certainly high on our 2018 agenda as a company, we have a 99% Muslim clientele please advise if you cater for segment of the market. For more info on our company please visit our website I look forward to hearing from you Faiz Noordien Managing Director

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