Serko’s Zeno becomes first corporate online booking tool


Serko’s Zeno becomes first corporate online booking tool

Serko’s Zeno becomes first corporate online booking tool

Serko Ltd. (SKO.NZ), a leader in online travel booking and expense management for business, today announced that it will integrate additional content from Routehappy, the rich content platform for flight shopping. The new trial will see Serko test Routehappy Hub UPA (Universal Product Attribute) and UTA (Universal Ticket Attribute) content in Serko’s new premium online corporate booking tool, Zeno. The new enhancement to Zeno is already in beta testing with selected clients.

After successfully integrating Routehappy Scores & Amenities (S&A) into itineraries in Serko Online and Zeno, Serko has added UPAs, which visually showcases in-flight features through descriptive text, photos and videos, and UTAs, which display ticket benefits and restrictions, like seat selection, baggage allowance, boarding priority and change information, in customer-friendly language into Zeno. The Routehappy rich content allows Zeno business customers to better understand their options and allows airlines an important new method to reach business travellers with their differentiated offerings.

Serko is the first Corporate Booking Tool to differentiate flight shopping by integrating Routehappy UPAs & UTAs. UPAs will be shown to users in search results, while UTAs will be presented when the fare or fare family has been selected. By incorporating this rich content, Serko users will have an easier way to understand what products will be available on their flight and what fare benefits and restrictions their ticket has.

Darrin Grafton, Serko CEO, said “Serko is constantly striving to make navigating the growing array of booking business travel options easier. Our expanded Routehappy subscription, together with our new booking platform Zeno, is another key value-add for Serko travellers and airline partners. The key shift with this partnership is to merge the airlines dot com content into the business platform of the future. Serko has always been an innovator and this is just another example of us leading the shift to move this market forward.”

“Serko is leading the way in corporate travel innovation for Asia Pacific business travellers,” said Robert Albert, CEO of Routehappy. “With our expanded Serko partnership, airlines can now display targeted, differentiated merchandising to the most valuable business customers.”

To see the current Serko integration of Routehappy S&A visit

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