New museum opens at Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem

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New museum opens at Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem

New museum opens at Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem

A new museum has been inaugurated at Ammunition Hill, Jerusalem, presenting insight from the Six-Day War, Battle of Jerusalem, in 1967. This includes information about the Israeli Air Force, the Jerusalem Brigade, the Harel Brigade and the Paratroopers Brigade who took major parts in the war.

The museum covers the events surrounding the battle depicted through personal accounts both from local Israelis and visitors from abroad. The displays include items from the battle, such as illustrations by fighters, the prayer book of Rabbi Goren and other personal objects as well as 40 multimedia projector displays, showing animation films, music and a new of performance of the song ‘Jerusalem of Gold.’

There is an interactive light show presentation about Jerusalem’s Six Day War in English and in Hebrew (22 min) with a full-scale model of Jerusalem on the eve of the Six Day War. There is also a movie (22 min) about the battle for Jerusalem offered in six languages: Hebrew, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Ammunition Hill (Givat Hatachmoshet), a raised area of land located between the Jerusalem neighborhoods of Ramat Eshkol and French Hill, was the site of some of the 1967 Six Day War’s bloodiest fighting, as Israeli paratroopers fought to gain control over the Jordanian army so that central Jerusalem could be linked with Mount Scopus and the Old City.

Visitors can see the original trenches and bunkers, an observation point over Jerusalem, an interactive light show, a memorial site for the 66 Paratroopers Brigade and a ‘Wall of Honor’ paying tribute to the Jewish soldiers who fought during the war.

Visitors are guided via an audio-visual presentation which is available in English and Hebrew. In addition, tours can be booked, in advance, in French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

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Source = Israel Ministry of Tourism
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