Stay Safe this Summer

Victorian Caravan Parks Association

Stay Safe this Summer

Stay Safe this Summer

The Victorian Caravan Parks Association is reminding RVers to stay safe as they enjoy all that the state has to offer this summer touring season.

“Whether you’re on the road or playing in the sun, prioritise the safety of you and your loved ones – as much as we all love travelling and exploring, don’t take unnecessary risks,” Elizabeth White, CEO of the Victorian Caravan Parks Association (VicParks), said.

Holiday park bookings are particularly strong in Victoria’s coastal areas in the lead-up to Christmas, but the association is also reminding holidaymakers that the state offers a vast array of other amazing destinations.

“Often, these places are quiet and away from the summer crowds. If you do your research, you’re bound to find a beautiful, quiet caravan park haven that you’ll want to return to each year,” Elizabeth said.

“But whether you’re heading to our beautiful alpine regions, interior lakes and waterways, or searching for a quiet little caravan park off the beaten track, stay safe.”

She said it was also important to be prepared for all types of weather, hot days in particular. Elizabeth urged parents to consider these five basic rules for a happy and safe family summer holiday:

Play in the shade: Staying in the shade is one of the most effective ways to reduce exposure to the sun, but it’s important to always wear sunscreen since you can still get sunburnt from UV radiation reflecting off surfaces such as concrete, water and sand.

Always swim in a rash vest: It should become a habit for kids to put on a rashie every time they put on their bathers. No rashie, no swim. Remember, a rashie’s fabric can become stretched, thin and an ineffective sun barrier if used a lot, so replace it as soon as it becomes tired-looking.

Broad-brimmed hats rule: It’s important kids learn that wide-brimmed hats are best at protecting their faces and necks. Common sites of skin damage and skin cancer are the neck, ears, temples, lips, face and nose.

Sunglasses are cool: Getting kids used to wearing sunglasses at an early age is a good idea. Make sure you choose ones that meet the Australian Standard 1067 (Sunglasses Category 2, 3 or 4). There are also products specifically designed for babies and toddlers to keep their sunnies in place.

Develop a sunscreen habit: Kids are probably going to play outside every day of their young lives so help them get into the habit of thinking about whether they need sunscreen. In some parts of Australia, (i.e. central to northern areas), sunscreen should be worn every day because the UV Index is consistently above 3.

So whether you’re spending your summer holiday at a Victorian beach, the Victorian High Country, or even on the mighty Murray River, observe these five sun-smart rules for a sun-safe holiday.

To find a holiday park in Victoria, visit the Victorian Caravan Parks Association website:

For further information, please contact Elizabeth White, CEO, Victorian Caravan Parks Association on 03 9372 3420 or at

Source = Victorian Caravan Parks Association
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