Did you speak with Fred?

Did you speak with Fred?

Did you speak with Fred?

Did you speak with Fred?

Of course you have, or at the very least you have left him a message to call you, right?

If you’re seriously considering becoming a home-based travel agent, you no doubt have many questions. Here are some quick answers to the most pressing questions new Travel Counsellors may have:

What happens to my existing files?

From the moment you sign on, TC Head Office will manage bookings on your behalf while you’re in your transition phase.

Can I start using TC systems and product straight away?

You will have immediate access to TC global product, Galileo and DMC’s, so you can manage ongoing inquiries and continue doing what you do best – creating wonderful experiences for your customers.

How can I start to acquire new contacts before I officially start?

We can arrange your (free) business cards to arrive well before your induction, so that you can start having important conversations and providing information to your customers before you begin training.

Do I have to sell what I am told?

Travel Counsellors are a completely independent travel company. We have no ties to wholesalers, airlines or subsidiary groups, so you can be comfortable knowing that you can always sell what’s right for your customer and earn what you want.

Am I responsible for my own administration?

You won’t have to think about overheads as a Travel Counsellor, nor will you have to worry about making sure your finals or TTL’s are paid on time thanks to your own support staff at Head Office. We’ll cover the administration side of business, so that you can focus on your customers.

Who is there to help me with any questions?

With 24 staff members in Melbourne and 350 globally, there will always be someone on the other end of the line to speak to you. You and your customers will always have the support of our 24/7 Duty Office, no matter the time or where you are in the world.

Are my customers protected?

Your customers are your customers – Their information will always belong to you. We also can guarantee your customers money is 100% safe with our industry leading Financial Protection Policy.

If you are seeking change and an opportunity to be apart of a global organisation offering great commissions, product offerings and state of the art technology, then contact Fred today:

Telephone:  (03) 9034 7088

Email:  talktofred@travelcounsellors.com.au

With all the merges, acquisitions taking place, not to mention rising costs, it is little wonder, entire retail travel agents and their staff are coming to us, we can help them make much more money without the stressful overheads. 

If you haven’t spoken with Fred, you need to, today.


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