Introducing ‘The Real Penguins of Sydney’

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium

Introducing ‘The Real Penguins of Sydney’

Introducing ‘The Real Penguins of Sydney’

Last night, Australia was introduced to the penguinalities of Sea Life Sydney Aquarium’s sub-Antarctic penguin colony in the world-first online reality series, ‘The Real Penguins of Sydney’.

Dedicated to the daily musings of the King and Gentoo penguins which call Darling Harbour home, the new online series takes viewers inside the Penguin Expedition display at Sea Life Sydney and introduces their uncannily relatable funny, playful and bold personalities.

“Launching ‘The Real Penguins of Sydney’ is a very exciting time for us at Sea Life Sydney. We are so fortunate to work with these amazing animals every day, so we have grown to know and recognise their unique characters. We can’t wait for Australia to fall in love with them too!” says Danielle Farah, Bird Manager at Sea Life Sydney. “The series had our team in fits of laughter, so we’re sure the public will love it too!”

From Chop who loves all things shiny to Wallace who personifies the saying ‘Bad Feather Day’, the new reality series focusses on the love, laughter and adventures of Sydney’s only colony of sub-Antarctic penguins. Follow the journey of two-left-flipper Steven who tries to impress the gorgeous Roxy with his awkward dancing, cheer on Neptune as he tries so hard to sculpt that perfect ‘Beach Body’, and fall in love as the penguins learn to swim and practise their dance moves.

The series builds up to the Penguin Expedition’s first anniversary party, and it’s all that appears to be on the penguins’ minds! What will they wear? Will the boys build up the courage to ask their lady friends? And will Stevenfinally win Roxy over?

Partnering with renowned comedian, Australian TV presenter and voiceover extraordinaire, Mike Goldman who famously narrated ‘Big Brother Australia’, ‘The Real Penguins of Sydney’ promises great fun for all and heros simple activities and events that Sydneysiders can relate to.

The five-part series will air on Monday nights at 7pm, with a new episode uploaded to the Sea Life Sydney website weekly between 18 December to 15 January.

So waddle you waiting for? Find out more about ‘The Real Penguins of Sydney’ here.


Source = Sea Life Sydney Aquarium
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