Nanuku Auberge Resort goes a little nuts

Nanuku Coconut Express December 2017 1

Nanuku Auberge Resort goes a little nuts

Nanuku Auberge Resort goes a little nuts

Yet another refreshing innovation from the Nanuku Auberge Resort Fiji team with the introduction of a pedal-powered ‘Nui Express’ chilled coconut service.

Given just about anyone on the resort team knows how to crack a coconut, guests simply need to ask any of the staff and before you can say ’Bula’ the chilled coconut will be on hand and ready to go.

The ’Nui Express’ is just of one of a long list of ongoing innovations the Nanuku Auberge Resort team has introduced this year.

These include private island camping and private island weddings, a ‘starlight cinema’ and treetop dining.

The resort now works with a local distiller to produce specially branded ‘Nanuku’ gin and vodka while discussions are underway with a microbrewery to create a yet to be named pale ale style of beer in 2018.

Source = Mike Parker-Brown - Nanuku Auberge Resort Fiji PR
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