Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas to launch Eat with Six Senses

EatWithSixSensesDec2017v3.160652Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas to launch Eat with Six Senses

Pick up your forks and rejoice.  Eating and holidays go hand in hand, and now Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas guests can enjoy both without derailing their health goals thanks to fresh whole food that is nutritious and delicious.

Eat With Six Senses is an initiative that represents another pillar of the Six Senses Integrated Wellnessphilosophy and approach to food and drink. It is based on the guiding principles of natural ingredients, local and sustainable, and less is more, helping guests to reconnect with food safe in the knowledge that it’s good for them, and good for the world around them.

Natural ingredients
Six Senses chooses a cleaner and simpler approach to preparation, focusing on quality, balance and fresh whole food made from scratch. Six Senses chefs indulge their love for hearty and healthy menus full of colour, taste and joy, while avoiding flavour enhancers, lectins, lactose, gluten and sugar. Instead, they choose the ingredients and preparation methods that promote a healthy microbiome (the trillions of bacteria and other microorganisms that live within the human gastrointestinal tract) to offer better digestion and absorption of nutrients while boosting the immune system.

Glucose is out, fermenting is in!

Local and sustainable
It is essential to know what’s in food and where it’s from, and each Six Senses resort is reinforcing
its relationships with local farmers, producers and suppliers committed to responsible sourcing and seasonality. Imported seafood could be farm raised with antibiotics and growth hormones, so, by working closely with local producers, Six Senses is assuring that ethical practices in raising animals and avoiding at-risk species are adhered to.

Even closer to home, each Six Senses resort cultivates its own organic vegetable garden. One property already has its own free-range chicken farm to supply fresh eggs, while two resorts have established mushroom huts.

Less is more
Produce that has travelled a long distance is often gased, irradiated and preserved with wax or exposed to toxic packaging. At Six Senses, the energy footprint of importing branded drinking water has been eliminated with each resort having its own reverse osmosis plant to produce top quality still and sparkling mineralised water, which is provided to guests in reusable glass bottles.

As deep as people want to go
Guests who simply holiday at Six Senses will eat more healthily by default. Those guests who are curious about Eat With Six Senses and want to discover more about the food and beverage offerings, fitness and wellness activities, will have the basics for making life changes. Those guests who opt
for the full Integrated Wellness offering, including a personalised wellness screening, will enjoy the benefits – from fitness plans to Sleep With Six Senses, the wellness experience can be integrated into every aspect of their stay.

Six Senses Integrated Wellness was developed in collaboration with Dr. Steven Gundry, Dr. Michael Breus, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Patrick Wahlberg, members of Six Senses Wellness Board, highly respected doctors and leading wellness professionals.

Dr. Steven Gundry, American cardiac surgeon and founder of The Center for Restorative Medicine, says: “With the introduction of Eat With Six Senses, guests not only eat well, they feel better. They are also supported with valuable tools and information to help them make positive lasting life adjustments. To put it in a nutshell, Six Senses want guests to leave feeling better than when they arrived.”

Eat With Six Senses will also have a positive outcome for resorts’ hosts, as the philosophy will be implemented in all employee dining outlets. It will serve to create an internal culture of health and wellness through healthier meal choices as well as providing knowledge to support the well-being of hosts and their families. Eat With Six Senses will have a positive effect not only for guests, but also for Six Senses hosts and Mother Nature.

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