IDeaS RMS chosen by La Mamounia to sustain

IDeaS Revenue Solutions

IDeaS RMS chosen by La Mamounia to sustain

IDeaS RMS chosen by La Mamounia to sustain

IDeaS Revenue Solutions, the leading provider of revenue management software solutions and advisory services, is pleased to announce that one of the world’s premier hotels, La Mamounia, has selected IDeaS Revenue Management System (IDeaS RMS) to optimise revenue performance across its 209-room property.

Regularly named as one of the world’s best and most luxurious hotels, located close to Marrakech’s famous bazaar, few hotels have inspired more glamorous and romantic stories than the iconic La Mamounia.

Operating in an increasingly competitive market – one that experiences substantial variances in seasonal demand – La Mamounia has selected IDeaS RMS as the clear choice to ensure it can continue to grow share in such a dynamic market. “Even with the benefit of La Mamounia’s brand and heritage, we can’t afford to be complacent if we want to outperform our competition,” said Florent Strasser, Director of Revenue, Reservations and Market Analyst at La Mamounia. “Approximately 90 percent of our trade is leisure, so accurately predicting demand and setting prices to maximise profitability has always been challenging.”

“Historically we’ve worked on demand-based pricing, but this has consistently left unanswered questions about the best way to boost performance – both in peak demand periods and the low season.”

“The general reporting functionality of IDeaS RMS – especially the ability to analyse both leisure and business performance – will provide a much clearer view and allow us to make strategic pricing decisions based on data-driven science. We want to be the leader in the market, so it’s important that we have this data at our fingertips – not hidden deep inside a spreadsheet.”

Powered by advanced SAS® analytics and nearly 30 years of innovation in hospitality technology, IDeaS’ solutions equip clients with a clear view of their data through pricing, forecasting and optimisation strategies, giving them greater control over their business performance.

“There are very few hotels in the world that have the level of prestige and grandeur as La Mamounia, the grande dame of Marrakech,” said Fabian Specht, EMEA managing director for IDeaS. “We’re delighted they’ve chosen IDeaS RMS to ensure better business decisions, enhance the guest experience and optimise revenue.”

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