NYC & Company reveals new global tourism campaign

NYC & Company

NYC & Company reveals new global tourism campaign

NYC & Company reveals new global tourism campaign

NYC & Company, New York City’s official destination marketing organisation, has just unveiled a new global tourism campaign titled “True York City,” with advertisements and promotion now live around the world. “True York City” showcases the unique culture produced by the 8.5 million residents of New York City’s five boroughs. The campaign invites travellers to discover the iconic experiences NYC is known for, as well as lesser-known aspects that can not be found anywhere else in the world.

“When people think New York City, they think authenticity,” said NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. “As the safest and most dynamic big city in America, we have endless cultural offerings that continue to make the five boroughs a global draw for tourists. But now with ‘True York City,’ we can give those travelers an even more genuine, bona fide New York City experience while helping our businesses and communities thrive at the same time.”

“Over the last decade, New York City has grown into one of the world’s most exciting and popular destinations, as evidenced by our record number of tourism-related jobs, almost double the number of international visitors and unprecedented economic impact, now the largest in the US; but we ask ourselves, where do we go from here?” said Fred Dixon, president and CEO of NYC & Company. “The answer is we go deeper by enticing tourists to become travellers. With ‘True York City,’ we celebrate the fact that we are the world’s greatest creator and exporter of culture, and invite travellers who seek authentic experiences and appreciate the ‘local,’ from arts, design and retail to culture and cuisine. These travellers tend to stay longer and return often to explore both our iconic sights and our neighborhood gems—likely to be small businesses, locally owned and operated. The more integrated into the local culture the visitor becomes, the more positive the impact on the City and its residents.”

“True York City” is being introduced through NYC & Company’s most expansive campaign presence to date, with media and partnerships running across 17 countries including the US this fall through next spring. In-kind, partner and paid media contribute an approximate value of US$15.6 million* globally with ad messaging “Famous Original NYC” and digital and content elements incorporating the overarching campaign of “True York City.” The campaign reach utilises global media partner JCDecaux and media contributions from NYC & Company’s city-to-city tourism alliances. A comprehensive list of global campaign presence is detailed below.** “True York City” was developed in-house this year by NYC & Company’s marketing department.

“For a city that can’t be defined by one single statement, one simple logo or a single spokesperson, ‘True York City’ is a platform to remind the world why we love our home,” said Elan Cole, creative director of NYC & Company. “NYC is the most creative place on the planet, and we want to give the artists, designers, dancers, chefs, filmmakers, bartenders and writers the opportunity to speak to the rest of the world about why they love NYC through their chosen mediums.”

Introductory campaign artwork depicts the phrase “Famous Original New York City,” a tongue-in-cheek toast to the City, with typography using a sampling of NYC visuals from past and present as an art form. Graphics include an apple (“The Big Apple”), five noise lines to represent the boroughs and the lively, energetic sound of NYC, and a heart, in homage to the love for NYC so widely shared around the world as well as to the iconic “I Love NY” logo, which debuted 40 years ago. The hashtag #TrueYorkCity serves as a call to action on advertisements for audiences both local and from away to share their “True York City.”

Now live, is the website. Audiences can view additional “True York City” content, including new thematic video, photography and editorial stories. Additional elements will debut in 2018, including a borough video series, a collection of visual art forms from various New York City personalities (“culture creators”) and, ultimately, participation by New York City locals with user-generated social content.

Tourism works for New York City—in 2016, New York City’s travel and tourism sector saw a record-breaking year, with 60.5 million visitors and US$43 billion in direct spending, the largest economic impact of any US destination. The industry also sustained a record 383,000 jobs for working New Yorkers in all sectors of the economy. In the past decade, the industry’s contribution to City tax revenues has more than doubled to US$4.2 billion. Half of the new hotels since 2006 have been built in the boroughs beyond Manhattan. The visitation forecast for year-end 2017 will increase to 61.8 million visitors, comprising 49.2 million domestic and 12.6 million international visitors.

NYC & Company appointed Cole as creative director in July 2017.

For more on “True York City” and for inspirational winter travel content, visit and search hashtag #TrueYorkCity on social media.

Source = NYC & Company
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