In the mind of a self-drive traveller in 2018

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In the mind of a self-drive traveller in 2018

In the mind of a self-drive traveller in 2018

Self-drive experts DriveAway Holidays surveyed over 1,400 Aussies, asking them about their travel plans in 2018. Of the surveyed group 92 percent were planning at least 1 trip in 2018 with an average of 22 days. On the flip side a small 8 percent weren’t planning on travelling at all in 2018. Which then begs the question, where are your clients thinking of travelling in 2018?

DriveAway’s’ objective of this survey was to find out more about their travellers in 2018 – drilling down to their state of residence in Australia to determine trends and see how Australians travel differently.

No surprise here when we say that New South Wales has the highest number of travellers planning trips in 2018, accounting for nearly 30 percent of these trips – however NSW also accounts for 32 percent of the population. Victoria represents about 25 percent of the population with 25.9 percent of the trips. Overall, 71 percent of the domestic trips will be done by people who plan to use a rental car to get around while they’re on holidays.

34 percent of Aussies said the most popular travel region was the Pacific, followed closely by 21 percent of respondents planning a trip to Europe. When asking travellers what they disliked most about travelling, 32 percent said airports and a further 28 percent of people said nothing, DriveAway’s James Dowe said, “We think it should have been more than that”. To the 21 percent of people who said “living out of a suitcase” was what they disliked about travelling, we would say to them that it’s time to go on a motorhome holiday!

Each traveller is different and has their own idea of the perfect holiday, including things to see and do. DriveAway found that 87 percent of Aussies enjoyed sights, attractions and landmarks, followed by food and unique experiences – both at just above 60 percent.

Whether you’re a family or travelling solo, there will be a vehicle to suit your needs. Choose from a wide range of car hire, motorhome and leasing options for your next self-drive holiday.

Contact the self-drive specialists at DriveAway Holidays on 1300 363 500 or visit for prices & information.

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