The perfect staff xmas gift

The perfect staff xmas gift

Three reasons why high-quality in-house caffeine is the way to go this Xmas

It’s been three months since we got our new machine into the office.  It’s been fun. Buying your staff a great coffee machine for Christmas could well be the best gift you ever buy them.

Pod machines are so easy, quick and effective… and wasteful

A mate who runs a large-scale business recommended pod machines. Pods are relatively expensive (compared with instant coffee that has no place in this discussion), the machines are super cheap. It’s quick, easy and mess free. The coffee is okay. Slot those pods in and….…. watch the plastic waste stack up.

War on waste”spoke about billions of non-biodegradable coffee cups in Melbourne going to landfill each year. Stopped being an option.

Better things to do with their time

 Sure, grinding the beans, making a cup of coffee, frothing the milk takes a few minutes per cup. Actually, once you get good at it, you can bang out two very good latte’s in about one minute. Whilst chatting with your staff.  Alternately they can walk down the road and come back with four coffee’s in 15 minutes…

 …. Every morning I make a round of coffees . The boss is working for them. It’s fun. It gives them a smile. They ask me when their bacon and eggs will be ready. I throw things at them. It’s a great way to start the day, beyond the caffeine boost.

It’s expensive….

 A decent coffee machine costs $800 but if you want something great, you need to spend $2000 to $3000. It might cost $40 or $50 per month on coffee beans.  I contacted my coffee bean man and said “Dude, what would you recommend for a machine …” He called me back and said “Dude, when we were moving we needed a high quality but portable machine, used for four weeks, you can have it for 40% of retail”.

With a guarantee. Fully serviced. With lessons on how to use it. Now we get 20% off the beans.



The new roomsXML Machine


Unbelievable coffee. Every bit as good as down the road.

If the machine lasts three years, it’s costing roomsXML about $1000 a year. We worked out about 1200 coffees per year were being purchased by the staff. Local prices that’s about $6000 the staff are now saving at a cost of something like  $1000 a year to roomsXML.  Pretty good return for the staff.

That’s what makes it a fantastic Christmas present . Fun, environmentally friendly, keeps on giving.

Your boss not listening? Get them to drop by for a coffee. I will sell them for you.




roomsXML – More Suppliers, Hot Deals


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