Alan Shearer hosts fundraising dinner in Hong Kong with British Airways

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Alan Shearer hosts fundraising dinner in Hong Kong with British Airways

Alan Shearer hosts fundraising dinner in Hong Kong with British Airways

World renowned and three-time Golden Boot winner English football player Alan Shearer hosted a fundraising dinner in Hong Kong
with British Airways as a title sponsor last night to raise awareness and funds for the Wallsend Boys Club HK, a non-profit organisation that provides football coaching, support and services to under-privileged children living in Hong Kong. As the only
player in the history of the Premier League to have scored more than 250 goals, Shearer said he is thrilled to come to Hong Kong for a good cause and to act as the ambassador for the passion of his lifetime.

As part of his visit, Shearer also shared his travel experiences, including his top tips to beat jetlag, favourite stadiums, as well as his take on the upcoming English Premier League season. Regarded as a British football legend, Shearer has travelled around the world throughout his career. He said he was looking forward to meeting his fans in Hong Kong, and that he is always blown away by the passion for the Premier League when he travels abroad. Shearer went on to say that his most memorable moment in his career was captaining England, which he regards as the greatest honour in football that he could have achieved.

For fans from Hong Kong who are looking to visit the UK, Shearer recommends visiting any of the stadiums in the Premier Leagues for their great atmosphere. He did however say that his personal favourite stadium is St. James’s Park, home to his team.

On tips for flying long-haul, he simply said, “There’s no such thing as jetlag. Just put the new time on your watch and get on with it.” When asked about his must-bring items for air travel, he said, “Headphones, iPad and my cap so no one takes a picture of me snoring!”

The footballer also shared his prediction on who would win the 2018 English Premier League, saying “I said at the start of the season I thought it would be between the two Manchester clubs and nothing has changed my mind yet.”

Noella Ferns, British Airways’ regional general manager, Greater China and the Philippines, said: “Alan Shearer is a legend in the world of football and is loved by the fans of Hong Kong. His achievements and his contribution to the community are absolutely admirable, and British Airways is proud to be an official partner to such a meaningful evening. We look forward to welcoming football fans from Hong Kong to travel with British Airways to the UK and participate in the upcoming Premier Leagues football matches.”

At the Wallsend Boys Club HK fund-raising dinner, Shearer said, “As a footballer I am keen to support the industry and also to make a difference in people’s lives. This trip to Hong Kong has been very successful and I am grateful for the generous support from British Airways. One of the reasons of this trip was to raise awareness and funding for the Wallsend Boys Club, a UK-based charity which has nurtured tens of thousands of children in the northeast of England, some of whom have become very successful footballers. The ‘Wallsend way’ was always to give all kids the same chances in life regardless of their family’s financial background. We aim to do the same here in Hong Kong, giving local children whose parents can’t afford to put them into expensive football coaching schools the same opportunities that others enjoy.”

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British Airways flies 14 times per week from Hong Kong to the state-of-the-art London Heathrow Terminal 5. From there, football fans have easy access into central London to visit the Wembley Stadium, or connect smoothly onto British Airways’ extensive UK domestic network to visit various footballing cities and soak up the atmosphere of game day with the locals.

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