New airfare website to result in 3-5 percent extra commission

Eastern Eurotours

New airfare website to result in 3-5 percent extra commission

New airfare website to result in 3-5 percent extra commission

Trusted wholesaler Eastern Eurotours has launched, to provide travel agents with more competitive airfares and greater commission, and to enable them to better compete with the online travel agents (OTAs).

The site collates content from more than 50 airlines to permit fare and availability comparisons.

Managing Director Chip Popescu explains the launch of Agent Flights.

“Eastern Eurotours has become a trusted supplier to our travel agent partners over the past 25 years,” says Popescu, “and we’d like to repay that loyalty.”

“We’ve recognised that it is increasingly difficult for agents to maintain yield and still compete with the multitude of online options and larger players, so we wanted to do what we could to help.

“We’ve used our experience and buying power to help our travel agent partners find airfares to complement the land product they’re arranging through Eastern Eurotours. It empowers them to be more competitive, as well resulting in an average of 3-5 percent extra commission on their air bookings.”

Earlier in the year Eastern Eurotours launched TravelRez (, a popular hotel reservation platform destined to make travel agents’ lives easier according to Popescu.

“TravelRez permits travel agents to search over 200,000 unique properties around the world, and book their clients at the best possible available rates,” he clarifies.

“The site also incorporates ground transfers, event tickets and day tours into the mix. This enables agents to build complex itineraries through the simplicity of the shopping cart mechanism – something we’re all used to through our online shopping days.”

Source = Eastern Eurotours
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